Misconceptions Are In The Minds
Of The Ignorant





Master Dave Lacey had made it very clear from the beginning that using the internet as a convenient avenue to publicly argue the history on CLF is a disgraceful way for settling a dispute as it will not only bring disgrace to the Choy Lay Fut name but also to Chinese Martial Arts.But then, what do these unscrupulous irate back-stabbers care!They have deliberately used the internet’s kung fu forum to vent their frustrations and bruised egos – all in the name of PRIDE & PREJUDICE and to draw public attention and support for their pathetic cause (to discredit the martial arts legacy of the Hung Sing CLF branch)!

We all know who the chief instigator is in this internet family feud that started in August 2001 which incited others with the same mentality to hurl insults at other so called “CLF brothers”.It’s not surprising that “extrajoseph” gets his kicks from watching his favorite TV show – “The Jerry Springer Show” for he and his cronies have done a good job at replicating it on the Kung Fu Forum!! For what started as an open debate on the history of CLF turned into a bitter conflict that has become a “Black Chapter” in not only the CLF martial arts but also Chinese Martial Arts in general.

This conflict between the CLF clans is a private and “internal” matter within the family and not something for shameless people to drag onto the internet’s kung fu online e-mail forum for the audience of the world to see. It was not till March 2002 that Master Lacey responded to the ongoing conflict on his website.However, the perspicacity from it was too much for these self-righteous individuals to comprehend or take as it had bruised their egotistic pride and self-conscious minds.


There is much truth to the history of CLF to be revealed but because of the sensitivity of it, the Hung Sing and Buck Sing elders have been reluctant to reveal it as it would do no good to make it public as it would only further fragment the already fragile relationship between the CLF clans.  For this reason, the Hung Sing and Buck Sing elders insists on resolving such “internal” conflicts by meeting face to face with the representatives of the Chan Clan in private as they do not wish to have the feud between them made a public spectacle.  It was never Master Lacey’s intention to bring this conflict out in the open as he, like his sifu and elders, believe in defending their honor in person and not over the internet or through other forms of correspondence.  If loud mouths like joseph really want to “seek the truth”, then being a (5th generation?) die hard Chan Clan elder, he must be prepared to dispute the true historical facts behind CLF’s history with the Hung Sing and Buck Sing elders of the 5th generation FACE TO FACE.

joseph says he's "not afraid of the truth" but it's obvious he is, otherwise why wouldn't he and his fellow clan elders jump at the chance to accept Master Lacey's request to meet with his sifu and elders to find out who has more credibility to their story and historical facts on the founding of Choy Lay Fut.

Some Chan Clan supporters have boldly bragged how they could make Master Dave Lacey look like an idiot (because he doesn't buy their fabricated history on CLF) yet these 5th generation backstabbers and their supporters are afraid to face him and his sifu in person for the fear of "losing face" despite all their talk of evidences, proofs and "family" documents to prove that our CLF history is "distorted"! Is it because previous attempts by past Chan clan elders have proved fruitless?!


As "Regulator" said to joseph, "What do you have to lose if you are correct? You have the opportunity to prove Master Lacey wrong once and for all - how could you resist the urge if your true "goal is to seek the truth, like you claim? Your actions (or lack thereof) show your true colors. You are no better than the bogus pictures of others you portray. The TRUE deceivers are apparent here, because one side is prepared to go "the distance" and you back off. If you have such good arguments, accept the invitation and settle this the old fashioned way, or do you think honor and integrity and courage are "fabrication" as well? You come around stirring up shit, making waves, rocking the proverbial boat but you cannot back up your wild claims. Your allegations have no foundation yet you hurl insults from behind your computer screen and will not "FACE THE MUSIC" so to speak". (Unquote).