Most of Choy Lay Fut’s history is shrouded in antiquity and therefore hard for anyone (historians or not) to verify the dates and accuracy of events that took place some 170 years ago or even less. But the Chan clan historians seem to have been able to compile some amazing tales on the legacy of their great ancestor Chan Heung.


  1. At the age of 12 Chan Heung became the “Chief Instructor” at his uncle’s martial arts school.
  2. When he failed to beat master Lee Yau Sam in an ambush (to test his fighting skills) he resigned from his post at his uncle’s school and became a student of master Lee for 5 years until he was 17 years old.
  3. He then followed a 96 year old monk Choy Fook for 12 years till the monk was 108 years old before returning home to King Mui village. Chan Yong Fa stated that Chan Heung and Lee Yau Sam went together to Lo Fu Mountain to look for the monk Choy Fook but Doc Fei Wong contradicted that by telling us that Chan Heung went alone to seek Choy Fook with a letter of recommendation from Lee Yau Sam to accept Chan as a student. (Read Chapter II of this website’s April 2002 article).
  4. According to Chan Yong Fa, the 96 year old Choy Fook was able to chop firewood with his bare hand and also chop off the corner of a granite rice grinder, pulverizing it with his bare hands. Doc Fei Wong told us of another amazing feat of super strength – that Choy Fook was able to effortlessly kick a large rock weighing some 80lbs. and send it flying through the air!
  5. He returned to his native village where he later began to teach martial arts to his fellow clansmen (of the Chan family). Choy Fook was then 108 years old.
  6. In 1836 he supposedly created his own kung fu style and called it Choy Lay Fut (Review “When Was The Name Choy Lay First Adopted”, “Why The Name Choy Lay Fut’ Was Adopted” and “The Logic Behind The Name Choy Lay Fut”.
  7. He decided to use the name “Hung Sing Gwoon” for his school in King Mui (READ AGAIN “Why Was The ‘Hung Sing’ Name Used? Was It To Honor or Commemorate Someone”!).
  8. In 1839, (according to Chan Yong Fa’s “historical records”) Chan Heung decided to leave his school and students to travel abroad to America, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia and returned home some 10 years later.
  9. In his book, Doc Fei Wong puts the date of Chan Heung’s journey to America as 1864 and not 1839.
  10. According to DFW - SHORTLY after Chan Heung established his school in King Mui, he joined the army in Canton to fight against the British invaders and returned to his native village after China’s defeat in 1842. How come this “historical facts” is missing from chan Yong Fa’s story on the legacy of Chan Heung? Either Doc Fei heard this “fabricated” story from one of his teachers or elders and put it in his book as “History” or Chan Yong Fa made up the “fictional” story of Chan Heung’s 10 year expedition to America, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysa in 1839!

    How could Chan Heung be in America at the same time he was supposed to be in the army fighting a war against the British in Canton?!

    Chan Yong Fa tells us his great great grandfather Chan Heung left King Mui in 1839 and went abroad for about 10 years before returning home BUT Doc Fei Wong tells us that Chan Heung was fighting in the war (shortly after he established a martial arts school in King Mui) and didn’t return home till 1842!!

    I’LL LET THEM TWO CLF HISTORIANS ARGUE OVER WHO HAS THE TRUE HISTORICAL FACTS! Maybe joseph, the great CLF researcher can tell us why his CLF history is so distorted and full of discrepancies and which of his Chan clan historians have the TRUE historical facts!

  11. Other Chan Clan historians have told us of another incredible tale of Chan Heung where at an “old age”, he killed a huge tiger with his bare hands and presented the skin of the tiger to the Chan Association in San Francisco’s Chinatown! Doc Fei Wong and other Chan clan elders haven’t been able to furnish the date and place where this great “historical event” took place, but of course THEY still expect us all to believe everything and anything they tell us – afterall, they would never think of deceiving us! Right, joseph?
  12. The monk Ching Cho (Cheung Hung Sing’s teacher) was NEVER mentioned in the Chan Heung legacy but was in the legacy of Cheung Hung Sing as he was Cheung’s teacher! But NOW in 2002, the Chan family CLF branch who had called Ching Cho a fictional character and condemned his existence is retracting that statement! WHY ARE THEY NOW CHANGING THEIR STORY? IS IT NOT TRUE THAT IT’S BECAUSE THEY HAVE FINALLY REALIZED THAT THE STORY ON CHEUNG HUNG SING AND HIS TEACHER CHING CHO HAS PUT THEIR OWN CLF STORY OFF TRACK?


After revising the historical account of Chan Heung’s legacy in Chapter II of the “Master Lacey Responds To The CLF Controversy” and Doc Fei Wong’s account on Chan Heung’s legacy, one can come to only one conclusion – that many of the Chan Family CLF historical facts are unsubstantiated, falsified, contradictory and full of discrepancies. Yet they dare to accuse the CLF Hung Sing branch of distorting the CLF history!


If Doc Fei Wong, joseph and other anti-Hung Sing CLF activists want to dispute the history on Choy Lay Fut and prove that our Hung Sing martial arts heritage is fabricated, then they know that they have to abide by the proper protocol expected of martial artists who follow the traditions of Chinese Martial Arts and that is to meet in council with us. My sifu has even said that if the Chan clan really wants to have a serious discussion and argument over Choy Lay Fu’s history in person, he is willing to sit down alone and thrash it out with 50 of the Chan clan’s members! So joseph, don’t tell us that there is no Chan clan elders (including yourself) that is willing to take us on face to face? Aren’t you a 5th generation CLF sifu like my sifu Kong Hing? Have you contacted Doc Fei Wong, since you’re both such great researchers and historians of CLF and you both share the same bitter contempt for the Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut history? Didn’t you tell us that you want to seek the TRUTH and didn’t I tell you that we will answer ALL your questions BUT ONLY if you and your clan supporters MEET WITH US and that we should keep this “internal conflict” private?


People like “Regulator” knows how far these loud mouth “computer warriors” will go in this conflict – ONLY AS FAR AS THEIR COMPUTER SCREEN and even then, they don’t have the guts to reveal their true names or that of their sifus! When it comes to defending the honor of our martial arts heritage we Buck Sing people never back down on a “calling out” (to confront people face to face when challenged) – NEVER! So tell me joseph – who are the real pussies?! “Regulator has already given you the answer to that!

Don’t talk to me about evidences and proof and what family documents your elders have unless they’re willing to personally present it before the Hung Sing & Buck Sing authoritative spokesmen of the 5th generation masters of Hong Kong and Singapore!

READ Chapter V of PART III under the titles "Naive, Misguided & Misconceived" and "Your Moments of Glory on The Kung Fu Forum..." and "The Writing is on The Wall"