First let me address the few irate e-mail junkies that are complaining that my long responses to my critics are giving them migraines and sore eyes. I had already made it clear that I don't believe in sending e-mails - FULL STOP! It is not my style to conduct idle chit chats on the forum and waste my time with SOME of you immature e-mail addicts who obviously lack the proper etiquette, ethics of conduct or moral philosophy in their way of thinking. I am not elated to be one of the so-called privileged members of the "In crowd" group of the kung fu chatterbox forum. Maybe you junkies get your kicks out of exchanging e-mails to rubbish and insult one another for the sake of arguing or wanting to kiss the ass of those who have the same mentality as yours, don't expect me to place myself in the same category as you "intellectuals".

So, if you are curious (you don't have to be!) about how I respond to my critics or what I have to say, the only way you're gonna find out is to check the updates on my website. If that is too much of a headache for you and it's bothering your eyesight then I suggest you don't go into my website - instead, stick to the e-mail section on the kung fu forum and wallow in the idle "chit chats" that you find so entertaining and immensely educational! Afterall, there are those who appreciate what I have to say and they fully understand the way I think and speak and theyıre wise enough to see the noticeable difference in the way we approach this dispute.

That 17 year old "maestro" has called me a "psycho". He sticks up for those who had insulted me first and when I retaliated the way I did, he cries "mummy, that old man (referring to Master Lacey) needs help - he's a "whacko"! "Regulator" replied to maestro's insulting comments to Master Lacey (he called me a "gimp") by telling the immatured young punk this, and I quote, "You are OBVIOUSLY young and it shows. You speak like someone who needs a good arse kicking! You speak ill of the so-called "slanders and insults" you have seen on someone's website, yet you do the same thing here. THERE IS SUCH A THING AS RIGHTEOUS ANGER and I'm fairly sure you have no clue what it is. The things you speak of are so far beyond what you understand. You make yourself out to be completely ignorant and do quite a good job at it! Try taking the cotton out of your ears and putting it in your mouth for a change!" - unquote. Thank you "Regulator" for your correct and just perception on a person's TRUE character.


People like "Bean Curd", Sifu Je Lei, "Regulator" and "Friday" are people unknown to me but it's clear that they speak with the same tone (manner of expression) as I do and with the same convictions that seek justice and the right to correct what is wrong or incorrect. Though I do not know these men who have chosen to speak out in my defense, it is clear that they are matured men of integrity who believes and follows the traditional code of ethics of Chinese martial artists. Through their righteous upbringing in the Chinese martial arts culture and traditions, they have learnt to appreciate the wisdom and teachings of their sifu and predecessors (in a different era when honor and respect meant everything) and upholding the honor of their teachers and the principles taught to them - and in doing so, these men (Sifu Je Lei, "Bean Curd","Friday" and "Regulator") have bestowed honor upon themselves. It is sad that today's new generation of CLF students have become so naïve, arrogant, disrespectful and too conceited to appreciate the wisdom of the early elders who have always believed in showing respect to their elders and honoring the Chinese Martial Arts Traditions and Code of Ethics.


I have been waiting long enough for you Chan Clan members to answer the questions I've put to you and also to prove to me the discrepancies in the Chan Family history on CLF that I have clearly pointed out to be incorrect -but I've had no response to my questions. It can only mean one thing - that you CANNOT give me an HONEST and LOGICAL answer! Yet you people can't stop accusing the Hung Sing CLF people of distorting and changing the history on Choy Lay Fut, calling Ching Cho the "Trojan Horse" and a "fictional character" and accuse us of fabricating the legacy of Cheung Hung Sing and the Futsan Hung Sing Gwoon and treating the Hung Sing and Buck Sing as bitter rivals and our martial arts as second rate to yours. Your insolence and insults will reap it's own punishment - I promise you! You are inciting me to "let the cat out of the bag"! It won't be long!

WHY IS fu pow & joseph BEING RIDICULED?

Someone has asked why I have responded to joseph and fu pow in such a humiliating way. DON'T YOU KNOW WHY? Well, after I had responded by answering questions, giving information and logical explanations on issues relating to the Chan Heung Legacy, the Chan Family CLF history and Historical Records, Historical Figures and Facts, Hong Kong's CLF associations and the story on the monk Ching Cho (the Green Grass monk), fu pow and joseph immediately waged a "personal" attack on my character and reputation as a well known and respected CLF teacher (since June 1966) and began calling me a "farn gwut jai" (traitor) and a "gullible foreigner".

Their tone of attack on my character clearly shows their personal contemptuous intention to discredit me and it incited them to not only insult me but also to mock my sifu and his impeccable reputation and status in the Hong Kong CLF fraternity and that of Singapore and other Far East Asian regions. Out of frustration and their own egotistic pride, they expressed bitter resentment towards the Buck Sing and Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut people and their version of the history of Choy Lay Fut pertaining to the martial arts legacy of Cheung Hung Sing and his teacher Ching Cho. Joseph brought up the "triad" name when he told everyone that an "informant" had told him that my sifu was a 14k Triad boss and that he (joseph) should shut his mouth or expect reprisals from the Triads! Now you can understand why I reacted the way I did when I attacked fu pow and joseph and I made it "personal"! Do you think I was going to sit back and take their insults!? Some of you might - BUT NOT ME! Did they get a court order to stop me from defending my name, reputation and honor and that of my sifu and my Buck Sing and Hung Sing CLF fellow brothers of the same martial arts lineage?! Who gave joseph and fu pow a permit to slander me and to mock my teacher and our martial arts heritage?! Who the hell told you guys you have a monopoly of the Choy Lay Fut history - the Chan Family clan of Choy Lay Fut?!

Are you saying you clowns are more qualified to be the representative spokesmen for the Chan Clan schools? Do you doubt my authority to speak up against you "anti-Hung Sing and Buck Sing" back-stabbers!? Do any of you want to test me out on my Buck Sing fighting skills to prove to me and everyone your skills are better or superior? If not, then are you confident enough to take on my sifu, me and a couple of my elders in a 3-4 hour dispute face to face or are you afraid or nervous that we'll make ANY of you loud mouths look like idiots? If I put the challenge to you (and it doesn't matter how many of you there are) to meet in council with me and my sifu, ain't I taking the same chance of winning or losing the "battle of words" as you?


I'll let you guys continue to fight and argue over the history of Choy Lay Fut. You can worship Chan Heung as the founder of CLF - that's fine by me as I understand your loyalty to your respective martial arts heritage - BUT REMEMBER that we of the Hung Sing and Buck Sing branch also have our own CLF martial arts heritage and we are as proud of it as you are of yours! When you start insulting or mocking us and treating us as "RIVALS" then you must expect the same verbal retribution and response from us! You didn't hesitate to hurl insults and sarcastic remarks at me so why should you be shocked that I attacked you back with the same tone?! You joseph and fu pow have crossed over the line the moment you waged a personal vendetta against me, my sifu, elders and fellow brothers of the Buck Sing and Hung Sing branches in your attempt to make a mockery of us and our beloved martial arts. You have clearly shown everyone what kind of martial artists this newer generation of Choy Lay Fut masters have bred - the kind that does not know or understand the TRUE meaning of RESPECT; the kind that brags about "kicking ass" and how "superior" their fighting skills are - the kind of CLF sifus and students that openly say that they don't need to learn anything about the history on CLF from their elders 'cos they're capable and intelligent enough to figure it all out themselves!

Some of you talk loud and big but you shy away from my questions 'cos you know damn well you have no answers to give me. My sifu and I are from the older generation (we're both over 60) and we believe in talking face to face when it comes to resolving a dispute. That is the proper protocol of all true martial artists who follow the traditions of the Chinese martial arts and has been that way for a very long time. So don't use the excuse that today's martial arts disputes can be resolved by using the internet. Next thing you'll be telling us is that we can test our fighting skills against each other on the internet! No one is challenging you to a fight but since you're so very confident of yourself joseph and you think you can "make me look like a fool", I would very much want to see if you're capable of proving that to me in person in front of our clan elders 'cos I'm curious to see just how good you really are with your "war of words". This invitation extends to any Chan Clan elder in any part of the world who wishes to put an end to this feud between our two clans, hopefully once and for all.

3rd generation Buck Sing Master Fighter Kong Hing Master Dave Lacey's Beloved of Buck Sing CLF martial Arts

Message to fu pow, joseph

If you morons want to get PERSONAL with me - go right ahead. I love nothing more than to make you both a laughing stock and I will devote my time to doing just that on my website since you idiots want to wage a PERSONAL war against me. The CLF people in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia are already laughing at you guys for they know Iım more than capable of handling you clowns of the CLF fraternity who think you are good enough to take me on. Yes, we are all still wondering when you're taking us up on the challenge issued by master Kong Hing and myself to bring your contingent of Chan Clan members to meet with us in Hong Kong - the HUB of Choy Lay Fut martial arts since you're so anxious to argue and get down to the bottom of things to find the REAL TRUTH behind the history of CLF and the historical facts presented by the two parties - the Chan Heung branch and the Cheung Hung Sing branch.

A dispute of this magnitude can only be resolved sensibly by having the representative spokesmen of the two parties meeting in person to address these argumentative issues face to face - not over the net, by letter or on the phone. There is NO reason for ANY OF YOU to decline our invitation to sit down in conference with us. And as I've said before, you can bring all the historical evidences you want to the conference - and, so that no party can attempt to conceal or distort anything that's been said at the meeting, we will (including you) have this dispute (hopefully the FINAL ONE) documented by local newspaper and magazine reporters (also from Inside Kung Fu magazine too if possible) and have the whole event tape recorded from start to finish. Now, don't you agree that's the most logical and best way to try and end this ongoing dispute? Surely, you're not going to tell us you haven't got the time, money or resources to accept this genuine invitation.

Don't try to make out that I'm "crazy" for challenging you to bring your big mouths to Hong Kong to meet me and my sifu and a few elders. We are quite prepared to meet face to face with 10 or 20 of your clan members or whatever number you can round up. If you're worried that we would gang up on you in great numbers I can arrange for just 3 of us to meet with you guys. You have nothing to fear unless you're afraid of losing the "war of words" battle. Why should you be worried? You have all the proofs and evidences to support your claims based on the Chan Clan "historical records" so how could you possibly lose!? My sifu and I would be very happy to talk to masters Chan Young Fa and Doc Fai Wong (or their representatives) in person and since you joseph is such an authority on CLF history, we certainly don't want to miss out on meeting you and have you ridicule us!

I had already laid out the conditions for both parties to agree to if they concede defeat in this final "war or words" dispute between responsible elders and it is the proper protocol that is expected of those who follow the righteous traditions of Chinese Martial Arts. Originally I was going to propose a far harsher "punishment" than that of an apologetic "kow tow" on bended knees but I know that if I did, it would scare the hell out of you joseph and you would all call me "crazy"! You joseph, said you are willing to be responsible for what you say - well, so am I! But are you willing to prove to me and everyone you're as tough and good as you are with your big mouth by meeting with me and my sifu and accept the terms I've laid out!? I know there are many people in the martial arts circles around the world that will be disappointed if you decline my invitation because they are curious to see how master Dave Lacey handles himself in a dispute of this magnitude.


If people like joseph and the Chan Family CLF elders like Chan Yong Fa and Doc Fai Wong are so persistent in discrediting the Hung Sing CLF of Cheung Hung Sing and accusing the Hung Sing and Buck Sing branches of distorting the history on CLF and condemning the existence of Ching Cho (Hung Sing's teacher) and calling him a "fictional" character, then they should be bold enough to take a stand to ridicule my sifu, elders of the Buck Sing and Hung Sing branches and myself IN PERSON and not on paper or on the net! I SAY IT ONE LAST TIME - I have nothing "PERSONAL" against sifu Chan Yong Fa or Doc Fai Wong.

My grievance is with the propaganda they and OTHERS of the Chan Clan have been spreading to promote THEIR CLF HISTORY whilst running down ours - the Buck Sing and Hung Sing CLF martial arts legacy of Cheung Hung Sing. For doing that, they (and others) must hold themselves responsible and answer all the questions Iıve put to them and to correct me on all the discrepancies I've pointed out on my website (the CLF controversy) regarding their historical facts" and explain why their story of Chan Heung contradicts each other and also why should anyone believe the "fabricated", fallacious and distorted stories that the Chan Clan supporters have been telling us in the past 3 decades and why there are several different versions?


1) That Chan Heung learnt martial arts from Ching Cho!

2) That the monk Ching Cho and monk Choy Fook could be the SAME person!

Chan Yong Fa never mentioned anything about Ching Cho in his Chan Family history on CLF and Doc Fai Wong has denounced the existence of Ching Cho by saying the story on him is FICTION. Now all of a sudden admist the recent controversy about the "Green Grass Monk" (Ching Cho Wor Seung), the Chan Heung loyalists are saying that Ching Cho was also Chan Heung's teacher! How come the Chan Family suddenly after all these decades have now dug out some NEW information from their family historical records and are now saying that the monk Ching Cho could actually be the same person as the monk Choy Fook?! And now there's also another story - that after completing his 12 years training under monk Choy Fook (who was then 108 years old), he sent Chan Heung to further his martial arts knowledge under the monk Ching Cho!? The Chan Family account on CLF and Chan Heung is getting more and more outrageous and fabricated with time! It's obvious that the Chan Clan now realize that they can no longer ignore the existence of Ching Cho Wor Seung (the Green Grass Monk) and have decided (after some recent research) to come out and not only admit that Ching Cho did infact exist but that he was Chan Heung's 4th teacher! That way they could claim that Chan Heung learnt the "Fut Gar Jeung" style from Ching Cho and therefore Chan Heung, in paying homage to Ching Cho, decided to use the word "FUT" to complete the CHOY LAY FUT name as it represented the Fut Gar Jeung (Buddhist Palm) martial arts of Ching Cho as well as paying respect to the Buddhist (Fut) religion of the Shaolin monks! Very, very clever indeed! I wonder why Chan Yong Fa and Doc Fai Wong, in their historical account of the Chan Heung legacy and history of CLF (which they published in the English language) didn't mention that Ching Cho was Chan Heungıs 4th teacher? Maybe this secret was kept from them and other Chan Clan members and that it was only very recently that this NEW incredible revelation has come to surface! WHAT NEXT?!

Let' s go over again -
The Chan Family CLF account of the history on Choy Lay Fut:

1) Born in 1805 Chan Heung began his martial training at age 7 under his uncle Chan Yuen Woo who supposedly taught him the Fut Gar style. At age 19 Chan Heung followed master Lay (Lee) Yau Sarn till Chan turned 26 years of age. Then Yau Sarn introduced Chan to Choy Fook. No mention of Choy Fook's age or how long Chan Heung learnt martial arts from him. This version (from the Fong Yuk Shu lineage) was on the website of Sam and Phillip Ng (according to fu pow). Another version of Chan Heung's legacy stated that he learnt HUNG GAR from Chan Yuen Woo. Later that was changed to "FUT GAR". Doc Fai Wong and other Chan Family CLF historians stated that Chan Heung was 29 years old when he departed from his teacher Choy Fook. NOW IF SAM AND PHILLIP NG'S VERSION ON THE CHAN HEUNG LEGACY IS CORRECT THEN IN REALITY CHAN HEUNG WAS A STUDENT OF CHOY FOOK FOR ONLY 3 YEARS and NOT 12! IF YOU REMEMBER CORRECTLY, I QUESTIONED THAT BEFORE! I KNOW I DID!!

Chan Yong Fa's version -

2) At age 7 Chan Heung followed Chan Yuen Wu to study martial arts (Yong Fa didn't mention what style of martial arts Yuen Wu taught). After a few years the young 12 year old Chan Heung helped his uncle Yuen Wu to set up a kung fu school in the town of Sun Wui and Chan Heung was the chief instructor of the school!

3)After failing to beat Master Lay Yau Sarn in an ambush to test his martial arts skills, the 12 year old Chan Heung resigned from his post as "chief instructor" at his uncle's school and became a student of Lay Yau Sarn!

4) After 5 years with Lay Yau Sarn, Chan Heung (aged 17) followed the 96 year old monk Choy Fook for 12 years and returned to King Mui village when Choy Fook was 108 years old (96+12). At that time Chan Heung was 29 years old (17+12).

According to ANOTHER VERSION (taken from the book "Choy Lay Fut" by master Lee Koon Hung) fu pow in his e-mail has told us that Chan Heung first learnt martial arts under the monk Choy Fook and then became a student of Lee (Lay) Yau Shan. Chan Heung was then sent to Buck Pai mountain to learn the Buddhist Palm (Fut Gar Jeung) from the Shaolin monk Ching Cho (Green Grass monk)! Later Chan Heung combined the styles of his 3 mentors and called it "Choy Lay Fut" to commemorate them.


NOTE: * The Choy Lay Fut history as told in Master Lee Koon Hung's book is the only version that doesn't -

1) mention Chan Yuen Wu (Chan Heung's first teacher as told by other Chan clan historians)

2) puts Choy Fook as Chan Heung's 1st teacher and Lay Yau Sarn as his 2nd teacher

3) AND for the first time, claim the monk Ching Cho as Chan Heung's 3rd teacher! The Chan Clan can be real happy now that the Green Grass (Ching Cho) monk is officially part of the Chan Family Choy Lay Fut History!

fu pow,
Why Are You Always Contradicting Yourself?

Hey fu pow, didn't you once say and I quote, "why promote a non-existing Ching Cho and bring disharmony in the family"?! Infact both you and your guru joseph really hated Ching Cho Œcos he was a bad omen in the Chan Family's CLF history! Wait a minute, didn't you tell us that your sigung Lee Koon Hung acknowledged Ching Cho's existence and confirmed it by saying HE was Chan Heung's 3rd teacher?! Why are you constantly contradicting yourself?! Now you are telling us that you are going to write a book on the history of Choy Lay Fut! I wish you luck but you better make damn sure that ALL your historical facts are correct otherwise people like joseph is going to jump all over you!


* Was it Howard Choy that said and I quote "I know people only want to believe what they want to believe but that should not stop us from being TRUE to our HERITAGE" (unquote)! Then why are you Chan Clan activists so bent on running down the Hung Sing and Buck Sing's beliefs and their CLF history and heritage?! Why are you so against us for being "true to our heritage" (as you so nicely put it!)? and honoring our CLF heritage BUT you don't want to respect our Hung Sing and Buck Sing's true heritage?! You talk about "being true to our Heritage" but you keep running us down and doing everything you can to discredit all that we believe in - the legacy of Cheung Hung Sing, Ching Cho (Cheung's teacher) and the Hung Sing CLF history. You people like to propagate your Chan Heung related story to CLF martial arts but when I talk about the Hung Sing CLF history of our martial arts legacy you people cry "how dare you" to me and started to say things to insinuate that "I'm crazy" and that I don't know what I'm talking about! Your clan memebers took it upon yourselves to wage a "war" against me and in doing so they dare to get PERSONAL with me!

joseph & fu pow - The Computer Warriors!

If you people think you can beat me and my sifu with a "WAR OF WORDS" then why don't you gutless loud mouth "computer warriors" meet us face to face in person and show us just how good you are instead of hiding behind your computers and not revealing your true identity. You're too scared to even give us your real names and show us a photo of yourself! All you're good at is to sit at your computers and send out e-mails like the cowards you are. My sifu Kong Hing and I are prepared to face ANYONE of you who wants a "WAR OF WORDS" with us. Come on joseph - you said you're not afraid of the Buck Sing and Hung Sing elders of Hong Kong and Singapore! What are you waiting for?! Say you'll meet us in Hong Kong to settle this dispute once and for all! If you (or anyone for that matter) should also wish to show us your "superior" fighting skills, we are more than happy to have you prove it to me and my sifu!


Some of you have expressed how tough you are (in your e-mails) and what a great fighter you are for you're always talking about "kicking ass" and running down the Chan Clan, saying they have not produced any good reputable fighters. WHY are you saying this? Is it necessary for you to boost your ego by deliberately trying to embarrass your CLF "brothers" of the Chan branch by provoking them this way? Are you sending out a message that you're a great fighter?! Have you participated in any "Toughman Contests", "Ultimate C'ship fights or K-1 fights"? No? Then why are you bragging and talking about "kicking ass" all the time? Would you want Chan Yong Fa's "adopted" student Franco (formerly my full contact champion tournament fighter and student for 7 years) to challenge you to a duel to test your great fighting skills? You guys should take caution and refrain from talking about "kicking ass". Is this the way the latter day generation CLF students and sifus in the western world talk - "kicking ass"?

Another thing, why are so many of you suddenly joining forces to slander Doc Fai Wong's name and reputation and making it so "personal"? Why didn't you go on the net to discredit and humiliate him 10 or 5 years ago - WHY NOW?! Who else other than Doc Fai Wong, has spent more years training, teaching and promoting CLF in California and is still teaching today? Trouble is too many of the new generation of CLF sifus and students find it very convenient to hop on the net for the sake of arguing and stirring up trouble. Many have even admitted that it was good fun having a "war or words" with each other. Is this your form of entertainment?

NOTE: * In the 2001 Singapore Hung Sing Gwoon's commemorative magazine they were specifically focusing on the HISTORY of Cheung Hung Sing and the Futsan Hung Sing Gwoon and that's why only the names of Cheung's teachers Chan Heung and the monk Ching Cho were mentioned. In previous publications of the SHSG's magazines, they did mention the names of Chan Heung's teachers in the beginning of the story on Choy Lay Futıs history. I have a copy of that edition.


Poor joseph - he's complaining that everytime he reads the newspaper and magazines he feels that the politicians are trying to manipulate him. In other words, he's telling us that everyone is "pulling his short and curlies". He also complains that he gets the same unfair treatment when he reads literature on CLF and he is getting so fed up with it all 'cos it's giving him a splitting headache! Now all he wants to look at are Playboy and Penthouse magazines but still he complains 'cos he says it's giving him high blood pressure and heıs worried he'll have a stroke! Don't worry old boy, the doctor at the nuthouse you're staying at will give you a higher voltage of electric shock on your senile brain. It'll help jolt you back to reality you gullible foreigner (joseph claims to be of Chinese origin and he's living in a foreign country)! YOU called me a "gullible foreigner" (I was born in Hong Kong of British and Chinese parents) 'cos I lived in Australia since I was 21 and now I'm living in America. How many "foreigners" do you think live in America and Canada joseph - 50 million? If you're Chinese - aren't you living in a foreign land?! Ain't you a GULLIBLE FOREIGNER? Does being a Canadian citizen mean you're a westerner and that you're no longer a "foreigner" (of Chinese origin)?


Now it seems my critics fu pow and joseph have come out with a new assumption (and soon to be declaration!) - that the monk Ching Cho could actually be the monk Choy Fook (the 96 year old superman) OR that the 3 teachers of Chan Heung were Lay Yau Sarn, Choy Fook and Ching Cho. Now we can clearly see what fu pow is aiming at - to link Chan Heung's history to these 3 teachers to give his martial arts lineage more credibility. joseph has publicly made this declaration (on behalf of the Chan Clan CLF branch) - "THE MONK CHING CHO AND THE MONK CHOY FOOK ARE THE SAME PERSON"!! No, No, he didn't mean they were twins - Ching Cho and Choy Fook are actually the same person! Hey my Buck Sing and Hung Sing brothers, don't throw stones at me - 'I didn't make that NEW clarification on CLF - joseph DID! Poor joseph, for making that libelous and false statement about Ching Cho, the 14K Triad members at the asylum in Montreal has put him back into his straight-jacket and he is going to get another one of those "electric shock" treatments to help clear his distorted brain.

And you fu pow, have you asked your sifu Mak Hin Fai whether he, Tat Mau Wong and Lee Siu Hung are TRUE Hung Sing disciples of the Cheung Hung Sing lineage or are they of the Chan Heung lineage? If they recognize Chan Heung as the founder of CLF then they really can't be TRUE Hung Sing CLF disciples because the Hung Sing and Buck Sing branches pay homage to Cheung Hung Sing as the True Originator of CLF martial arts and that his martial arts was the synthesis of the teachings of his two teachers Ching Cho and Chan Heung. When sifu Tat Mau Wong told me he was "Hung Sing", what did he mean by that? Hung Sing CLF belongs to the martial arts lineage of Cheung Hung Sing which is different from the Chan Family CLF lineage. The Hung Sing CLF branch has never denied that Chan Heung was ONE of Cheung Yim's teachers but that doesn't make Chan Heung the originator of the Choy Lay Fut martial arts! Did the Chan Family CLF branch ever mention the monk Ching Cho in their History on CLF or stated that he was one of Chan Heung's teachers.


There was never any disharmony amongst the elders of the 3 Choy Lay Fut branches before and they got along just fine with one another and respected each other as fellow CLF family members. The reason for this is because they were sensible and responsible elders and in their understanding of the CLF history and mutual respect for each others' martial arts lineage, they accepted Chan Heung and Cheung Yim as co-founders of CLF. It was only when some of the newer generation of Chan Clan masters started to propagate Chan Heung as the sole founder of CLF and disclaiming the Hung Sing CLF history as fabricated and calling the monk Ching Cho (Cheung Yim's 2nd teacher) a fictional character that got the Hung Sing and Buck Sing people up in arms to defend their CLF heritage.

Are you Chan Clan supporters saying that it's okay to try to ram your CLF history down the throats of EVERY Choy Lay Fut practitioner and spread your propaganda to discredit the Hung Sing CLF martial arts of Cheung Hung Sing?! Who the hell told you people that you have a MONOPOLY on Choy Lay Fut!? REMEMBER - YOU guys started this whole conflict on the CLF Controversy all because you wanted to stir up the hornet's nest and start an argument for the sake of running down those who won't buy your story. You started it -then you better finish it! You wanted to tell your story but you couldn't do it without insulting the Buck Sing and Hung Sing clans! You weren't satisfied with just rubbishing our CLF heritage and history (that of the Cheung Hung Sing legacy) so you took it to another level by openly showing your bitter contempt for not just the Buck Sing branch but you also had to wage a personal vendetta against me and my sifu and accusing my sifu and elders of the Buck Sing branch of manipulating me when they had no idea I was conducting a one-man crusade against you "anti-Buck Sing and Hung Sing" back-stabbers! It was only after Frank McCarthy had e-mailed a message to the Singapore Hung Sing Gwoon informing them about my firm stand to defend the Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut legacy on my website that they first became aware of what's happening on the net.


WONG FEI HUNG - no portrait of him was ever shown (he died in 1933) yet every kung fu practitioner acknowledge that he existed and never doubted his famed martial arts legacy - why? Yet the Chan Clan CLF people are wondering why the Hung Sing CLF people have no portrait of Cheung Hung Sing and they are using that as one of their basis to question the authenticity of the Hung Sing CLF martial arts history and the legacy of Cheung Hung Sing - WHY?! Why are the Chan Heung supporters always demanding evidences and proof that Cheung Yim's martial arts (that he acquired from his two teachers Ching Cho and Chan Heung) helped to create the fighting arts known as Choy Lay Fut? In their propaganda to promote their Chan Family martial arts, the direct descendants of Chan Heung have focussed the CLF history on their great ancestor of King Mui village as they wanted him to get all the credit for the development of the CLF marital arts, so they made sure that Cheung Yim's name (whom the Hung Sing and Buck Sing branches refer to as the true "Chong Pai Jung Si") is omitted from the Chan Family CLF historical records!

* Allow me to quote what one writer (Gene Ching) said in an article on Hung Far kung fu titled "Roots & Culture of Hung Gar" that was published in a 1998 edition of Qigong Kung Fu magazine - "during China's recent dark periods, like the Ching dynasty and the Cultural Revolution, much was lost. Many true tales will never be recovered. However, that does not mean we can afford to deny the possibilities that some of the other stories still survive. Who can really say what has happened over the last two centuries? Even Wong Fei Hung purists cannot present indisputable evidence about their legitimacy. Wong is gone, and nothing is going to bring him back. Those purists became like searchlights casting for faults in the clouds of delusion" - unquote. Haven't I already explained these very same doubts on my website (when I addressed the "CLF Controversy" issue in Chapter 3 under the title "Historical Fictional Characters" and "Evidence and Proof" and in chapter 5's "It is Misconception or Self Denial" and "Proof to support Existence?" and Chapter 7's "the Monk Ching Cho is No Myth!". READ THESE CHAPTERS AGAIN!


The stand by the Early Elders in acknowledging both Chan Heung and Cheung Yim as co-founders was a most sensitive and brilliant move. Sadly, the latter generation is too conceited to appreciate the wisdom behind it. It has to do with their grounding in Chinese values which is starkly missing in most of these people. They have at most only skimmed the surface of Choy Lay Fut. They do not yet appreciate the value of Harmony and Unity within the family and try going about to be a great teacher!


When my elders (of my CLF lineage) were informed that I had started a war of words over the net with you backstabbers of the Cheung Hung Sing legacy they were quite astounded and responded by saying to me and I quote - "You are a good example of a responsible teacher. You did not seek to deceive yourself or others. You care to ask when in doubt and not pretend to know. Your intentions to correct them is good but the simple minded and those who have been brainwashed may not appreciate it. It was good that you have the energy and resource to put up a strong statement on your website to straighten things out. I feel strange that you should receive that many hate mails. I thought the right to speak is part of the American culture? That's why we advocated that the Chan Clan can continue to keep their story and happily dwell on the thought that they are the greatest BUT they cannot impose on all, that theirs is the ONLY version or historical truth.

I think the word "historical" has been abused beyond recognition. I sincerely hope this war of words would stop and that your materials on the net would provide some good food for thought for them. So long as they put on their thinking cap they should be able to come to a sensible conclusion. The elders in the past have co-existed happily. The Hung Sing and Buck Sing people have never run down the Chan Clan and the Chan Clan have always invited the Hung Sing and Buck Sing to their family functions. Why on earth must this new generation of self-proclaimed leaders and their students think they are much wiser than their predecessors are? They think they know something more than their elders? I feel bad for the Chan clan for they have brought this embarrassment upon themselves.

They should know when to retreat when others give in a little. Now they are getting a rebound by pushing beyond the boundary, so these self-professed leaders must bear responsibility for failing to bridle their students and worst of all, for igniting such unwarranted feelings amongst the Choy Lay Fut family members" - unquote. Now I ask you, does this sound like the words of a rational man or that of a wise and learned elder? I assure you that Bean Curd and Je Lei can answer that! You'd be very surprised how many people support my convictions and the way I conducted my crusade (to seek justice) against you backstabbers. Someone told me that joseph had once told Bean Curd that my sifu Kong Hing should respect him as he is (joseph) his elder. Let me tell you this, we don't care if you are a 4th generation Choy Lay Fut disciple - if you mock or insuslt us (the Hung Sing and Buck Sing people) YOU WILL BE RIDICULED! Make no mistake about that!


These people ask questions and want information because they claim they want to SEEK THE TRUTH. Well, I have given them all the information and gave them answers to many of their questions and instead of giving me the ANSWERS to many of MY QUESTIONS to them (you know what they are!) they are responding by asking more questions. Why bother when they are not going to believe what I say or tell them anyway! Now out of the blue joseph is telling us that it is quite probable that Ching Cho is actually Choy Fook, Chan Heung's 3rd teacher and fu pow is saying that the monk Choy Fook sent Chan Heung to Buck Pai mountain to become a student of the Ching Cho Wor Seung (the Green Grass monk)! No wonder so many latter day CLF practitioners are confused and disillusioned! As Iıve said before, believe whatever version you want to believe but respect the other CLF brothers who don't share the same sentiments as you. BUT you people just can't do that, can you? You just love to ridicule and run others down to the point where you begin to get PERSONAL and there's where you have crossed over the boundary and put yourself in hostile territory!


All I did from the start when I entered this conflict over the controversy surrounding CLF's history over the net was to provide valid information on my website 'cos people (CLF or non CLF) out there wanted to hear both sides of the story and come to their own conclusions on what is the truth and what is fabrication or maybe even fiction. Instead of responding to the many questions I have asked and the discrepancies I had pointed out in the Chan Family CLF History, people like joseph and fu pow have avoided answering them! Instead, they took it upon themselves to misquote me, falsely propagate the Buck Sing branch in Hong Kong of being "power hungry", make sarcastic remarks about Buck Sing CLF and my sifu, called me a "farn gwut jai" and a "gullible foreigner" and say that he (joseph) can easily tear my story to pieces and the comments I made to make me look like a fool! And all that for what - because I spoke out and revealed certain things relating to the controversy over the CLF history and stated the clarification made by the CLFKFIU Ltd. as to WHO is the TRUE founder of CLF and told the story behind the Ching Cho legend (Œcos they wanted to know who HE was), questioned them on the discrepancies in the Chan Family records on Chan Heung and asked them to answer my logical questions (which they still haven't)?!

For that they are calling me names and making it personal in their "war of words" against me?! Now that I've challenged them to conduct this "WAR" by meeting in council with my sifu and me and I had laid out the terms that both parties must accept, these cowards don't have the nerve to reveal themselves in person. What are they afraid of? Didn't joseph say he could make me look like a fool!? You want to make a bet on that joseph - how much? Then why don't you agree to meet me personally and show us all how good you are in a "duel of words"?


You want to attack me verbally then be a real man and do it face to face and not hide behind your computer using fictitious names. What are you so afraid of that youıre such a coward to reveal your real name and who your sifu is? Is it because I had cautioned you that whatever you say you better be sure that your sifu and elders will support you 'cos you'll all be responsible for any mess you get yourself or them into? I don't back down from anything I've said on my website and I am willing to take full responsibility for my action of words for I know I have not done anything against the wishes of my sifu and elders or said anything to disgrace or dishonor them. How about you guys - are you willing to uphold your honor and that of your sifu, sigung, elders and that of your CLF martial arts heritage?! Are you sure you're willing to take full responsibility for your actions? If not, WHY? Are you worried that your sifu and elders won't stand behind you in this dispute? What do you and them have to lose - YOUR PRIDE?


The Florida CLF student "CLF Nole" made a very good point when he asked joseph this question "If the Green Grass monk story had been circling for over 20 years then why wasn't this claim squashed when it first came out and why is it now suddenly a "convenient time" to find an excuse. He further added and I quote - "If the Green Grass Monk was a fictional character as some people believe, then why was it another name for Choy Fook?" - unquote. CLF Nole was referring to something joseph said where he spoke of a new revelation in which the Chan Clan people contended that Ching Cho and Choy Fook was the same person!


You have used the "Chan Family records" as your "trump card" to win others to your side whilst demanding evidences and proof from us to support our CLF history pertaining to the Cheung Hung Sing legacy and his martial arts training under his teacher, the monk Ching Cho whom many Chan Clan members call a "fictional character" and therefore a good excuse to call the story on the Hung Sing CLF history a fallacy.

Do you think that because the Hung Sing people haven't produced a portrait of Cheung Hung Sing (nor is there one of the famous Hung Gar master Wong Fei Hung yet millions believed in his legacy!) you Chan Heung followers have the upper hand because you have a portrait of your great ancestor and therefore all other CLF Clans have to accept your Chan Family CLF history as the gospel truth and Chan Heung as the true and sole founder of Choy Lay Fut? And if we don't, people like you joseph and fu pow, dare to brand us as "farn gwut jais" (traitors)!! Well, my sifu and I would like to know if you would dare say that to our faces! I guess we all know the answer to that!


Now it's time for you imbeciles to accept full responsibility for your insolent words of action against me, my sifu, elders and our martial arts heritage. The burden of shame and embarrassment is on your heads and people like you who think it's all fun and games to rubbish, insult and show disrespect to others in the CLF family. I have previously (over 2 months ago) cautioned you e-mail junkies to refrain from stirring up trouble on the net as it'll only cause further rift between the CLF clans but some have chosen to ignore me. Not only that, but you decided to wage a personal attack on me by insulting me and calling me names. It's funny how you can dish out insults at me but when I responded by dishing it back, you don't like it for you felt I have insulted you! Well, just remember who started throwing the mud first! YOU DON'T LIKE INSULTS, THEN DON'T DISH IT OUT FIRST!


If fu pow claims that Lay Yau Sarn, Choy Fook and Ching Cho were Chan Heung's 3 teachers, why is he referring to his Choy Lay Fut as "Hung Sing" - the name knowingly associated with the Hung Sing martial arts of Cheung Hung Sing and therefore referred as Hung Sing CLF? Since he (fu pow) recognizes Chan Heung as the Founder of CLF and not Cheung Hung Sing, then why is he referring to his Choy Lay Fut as "HUNG SING"? The name "Hung Sing" was given to Cheung Yim by the monk Ching Cho as an alias before Cheung left the Buck Pai mountain and from henceforth he was known as CHEUNG HUNG SING. How come in the "History on CLF" propagated by both the Chan Family (Chan Heung branch) and the Hung Sing (Cheung Hung Sing) CLF branches there was never any mention of Chan Heung being a student of Ching Cho? With stories going around that Chan Heung was a student of Ching Cho and another claiming that Ching Cho and Choy Fook could very well be the SAME PERSON, is it any wonder many CLF students are confused and disillusioned!? The faithful followers of the Chan Heung legacy (those who believe Chan Heung to be the founder of CLF) have always been defiant in denouncing the existence of Ching Cho (Cheung Yim's mentor) so why are they NOW trying to retract their condemnation of the monk they claim to be a "fictional character" by saying they suspect Ching Cho and Choy Fook could be the same person!? It's no wonder poor joseph is saying that people are always trying to manipulate his disillusioned brain!

Why are the Chan Clan CLF people doing this to you joseph? Don't they realize they have driven you nuts and because of that you have voluntarily committed yourself to the sanctuary of an asylum to get away from this world that's gone mad!? Why have you allowed yourself to become a "gullible" sifu by letting others manipulate you? By the way, have you approached your students about giving you a BIG payrise? You are right about one thing joseph. The Chan Family researchers on their CLF history are having a field day! Their version of the CLF history change all the time! What do you think of the latest version that they have dug up from the Chan Family chest of Historical Records - that CHOY FOOK and CHING CHO could be the same person?! I LOVE IT! When can we expect the next NEW version of the CLF story from the secretly guarded manuscripts of Chan Yiu Chi? We Buck Sing and Hung Sing brothers lack "spice" (as joseph put it) in our martial arts history and we really need to hear of more new versions because we really could do with a good laugh!


joseph and fu pow - you still haven't answered my question - "Is the portrait of Chan Heung a fake?". Can you prove to us that it is not? Do you know who painted the portrait and in which year? Also, tell me and my Buck Sing and Hung Sing brothers why HIS portrait was kept hidden for so many decades and ONLY surfaced in the early 1970's, 100 years after Chan Heung's death? PLEASE COULD YOU GIVE US THE ANSWER? You mean to tell me you don't have one!? WHY?


I think it was Howard Choy that said - "I know people only want to believe in what they want to believe but that should not stop us from being true to our heritage" - unquote. Well, Howard, isn't that exactly what I said in the paragraph titled "One Martial Arts, Different Sentiments"? Didn't I urge fellow CLF brothers to respect each other's respective martial arts heritage despite not sharing the same sentiments? Did these e-mail junkies show any respect to what 4th generation CLF elder Lun Chee said? Read again the paragraph under the headline - "Elder Lun Chee Cautions".

Didn't I caution these "e-mail junkies" to stop stirring up trouble on the net (for the sake of thrashing it out in a game of "war of words" with other CLF practitioners)? Did I ever make a "personal" attack on your sifu (Chan Yong Fa) like others have accused me of doing (disrespecting your sifu) or did I personally give him credit for his martial arts achievements and his position as the "Jeung Moon Yun" of the Chan Family CLF branch? Please quote me where I have shown your sifu disrespect. Others like joseph and fu pow have misquoted me and misinterpreted things I said on my website for they want others to share their bad opinion of me. They have called me names, made fun of my sifu's status in the Hong Kong CLF fraternity, made smart ass remarks about the Buck Sing Branch and insulted not only me but also my sifu and elders of the Buck Sing and Hung Sing branches of Hong Kong and Singapore and in doing so, have waged a personal "war of words" with me over the net for the purpose of insulting the legacy of Cheung Hung Sing, his teacher Cai Dezong ("Ching Cho Wor Seung" - the "Green Grass Monk") and the martial arts heritage of the Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut Gwoon. That troublemaker joseph even brought up the name of my former West Australian student Franco in the hope of causing me some embarrassment and I have responded to the assumption he made on my personal feeling about Franco and your sifu. People like that loud mouth joseph thinks he can run circles around me and tear me (my comments and the information and answers I give) to pieces!

He talks big and loud behind his computer and is not man enough to meet me in person face to face to thrash out the history on Choy Lay Fut - what is he afraid of? Does he honestly think that he or ANYONE can win in a verbal dispute with my sifu and me!? Then why has no one taken up the challenge to meet with us in council face to face to end this feud between the clans?


Why hasn't anyone answered my questions or attempted to squash the discrepancies and the distorted or fabricated historical facts on CLF's history that I had pointed out. Tell me, why some Chan Clan members are so persistent in pursuing to destroy the Hung Sing CLF history and Cheung Hung Sing's legacy! We have always respected the Chan Family history so why can't you respect ours? Why do your people show us so much disrespect and treat us like "Second Rate" Choy Lay Fut practitioners and like bitter rivals? I would love nothing more than to have you and your beloved sifu to sit in council with master Kong Hing and myself for I truly believe that we can come to a resolution and put this conflict behind us and accept each other as brothers of Choy Lay Fut.

If no one from the Chan Family branch wants to agree to meet in council to show the willingness to try to resolve the dispute between the CLF clans and show that they are responsible elders then it is inevitable that the latter generation of teachers and students of the CLF clans will continue to conduct their personal war of words which could lead to rival dueling challenge matches between schools to defend their pride and honor. Why has the Chan clan elders allowed their people to show disrespect to me, my sifu and elders of the Buck Sing and Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut family? Why is no Chan clan elder willing to take responsibility and make an effort to put an end to this feud between the CLF clans by meeting me and sifu Kong Hing?


My elders have spoken wisely and correctly when they said and I quote again - "The Chan Clan is free to embrace what their existing self-proclaimed leader say so long as they donıt run down the Hung Sing School. Likewise the Hung Sing and Buck Sing schools should and can make known our stand without being overbearing" - unquote.

* I have given out much information on my website and given logical answers and explanations on many questions pertaining to the various aspects on the CLF history and so called "historical facts". The answers are all there on my last 3 updates if only you care to take your time to comb through it slowly instead of rushing through it and misquoting me and misinterpreting what I say and asking questions when the answers are already contained in the text I have written! It's obvious some of you are too stubborn and conceited and don't want to listen to reason or logic so I see no reason or any point in giving you the satisfaction of answering every one of your questions when you haven't bothered to answer the questions I've put to you. I've already told you that my sifu and I will be glad to answer any damn question you or anyone care to throw at us but we don't believe in hiding behind computers like a mouse and roar like a lion. We like to settle disputes face to face with our opponents so we can look them straight in the eye when we talk!

Since you (joseph and fu pow) give the impression that you speak with such great authority and self confidence, I thought you guys would jump at the chance to join other Chan Heung worshippers to confront me and my sifu so you could ridicule us and maybe even have us "kow tow" to you! Did I not caution you that if you open your big mouths and say things to insult me, my sifu or elders of my clan that not only you but also your sifu and seniors will be held responsible for your actions and the mess you get yourselves and them into? Just remember, you guys ignited this conflict after the "One Style, Two Legacies" appeared on my website and that YOU chose the tone in how you wanted to "attack" me! You wanted to make it "PERSONAL" and that's where you crossed the line! Why hide behind your computers and use fictitious names? Why are you afraid to reveal your identity to us?







YOU CHAN HEUNG LOYALISTS AND ANTI-HUNG SING AND BUCK SING ACTIVISTS have pushed the CLF History dispute BEYOND THE BOUNDARY OF REASONING. I was hoping the Chan clan elders like Chan Yong Fa or their representative spokesmen would answer every question I had put to them and also to give me the "evidences and proof" (they talk so much about!) to prove me incorrect in the many discrepancies in their Chan Heung History on CLF but no one has come forward with the answers. Instead, the only response I got was from loud mouths like joseph, fu pow and maestro (all who don't reveal their full real names) who think they are capable of ridiculing me. They say they don't want to involve their sifus - WHY NOT? Don't your sifus share the same sentiments, beliefs and convictions as you? Are you afraid they won't stand by you in times of crisis? Don't they want justice and to seek honor for themselves, their students and their respective martial arts heritage?!

You people stand by your firm convictions so why are you avoiding a verbal confrontation (in person) with my sifu, elders and myself? Are you telling us that the Chan clan has no strong authoritative elder spokesmen to face the Buck Sing or Hung Sing brothers in a council meeting to thrash out the history and historical facts surrounding the CLF controversy!? Are you implying (referring to the Chan clan's ability to crush the clarifications made by the CLFKFIU Ltd. in Hong Kong) that the Chan Clan is too timid to take the stand to defend their CLF history? If people like joseph is saying that the Buck Sing branch in Hong Kong is pulling all the strings and making all the decisions then why doesn't HE and his fellow Chan clan elders group together and go to Hong Kong and do something about it? Is he telling us that there are more CLF people that support the Buck Sing/Hung Sing history on CLF than the Chan Family's CLF history? If so, WHY? Why is there such overwhelming support from the CLF people for their firm belief that Cheung Hung Sing is the "True Originator" of CLF martial arts? Why don't you all go to Hong Kong to find out why that came about and at the same time, rally your Chan clan brothers to protest and attempt to crush that "nightmare" (the clarification made by the CLFKFIU Ltd.) that is damaging the credibility of your Chan Family CLF history?! Why ask me? They made that clarification, NOT ME! By the way, NO ONE HAS EVER SUGGESTED TO ME TO REVEAL THE CLFKFIU LTD.'S CLARIFICATION ON MY WEBSITE - NO ONE!


As fu pow said, "we are free to say what we want" on the net "as this is a free world!" fu pow may be right in saying that BUT he must realize that he must hold himself responsible for what he says (or anyone for that matter) and know that he would be held accountable for his words. But I have already explained - that in a martial arts dispute, one's sifu will also have to bear responsibility for his students' actions.

There is such a thing as justice and proper protocol in traditional Chinese Martial Arts and guys like fu pow must realize that if he is a student of CLF, he has to accept the traditional codes of Choy Lay Fut. He can't escape from it by declaring he is naive or that the martial arts code doesn't apply to him (and others of the new generation of CLF students) because we are now living in a new era!! If you want to learn traditional Chinese martial arts you must be willing to accept and obey its traditions. If you can't, then you should have taken up wrestling or kick-boxing where you don't have to abide by such strict traditional codes as in CLF or other Chinese martial arts. It is your fault if you get yourself in a mess you find hard to get out of. You chose to come on the kung fu forum and speak out without informing your sifu about it 'cos you thought you didn't need the advice or permission from your sifu for you felt so confident that you could take me on in this "war of words" conflict. You need to learn the true meaning of respect and humility and grow up and not be so self-assured of your capabilities to wage a personal vendetta against me. I have a good mind to come to Seattle to visit your sifu and have a talk with him and maybe even get the chance to observe you take the class. Afterall, you are one of his main instructors or have I been misinformed? I've been told that you're 26 years old - now all I need to know is your name.


The Hung Sing and Buck Sing people are proud of their martial arts heritage but that doesn't mean they have to get their story published in the English language and have it circulated around the world to advertise their Choy Lay Fut history and at the same time spread propaganda to slander the Chan Family CLF history - the way the Chan Clan elders (and now also the new generation of Chan Heung loyalists) did for many years by accusing the Hung Sing CLF clan of distorting their martial arts history and labeling it as fallacious and even fictional! We Buck Sing and Hung Sing people have kept our cool for too long by allowing the Chan Heung followers spread their propaganda proclaiming their great ancestor Chan Heung as the true and sole founder of CLF and the only reason we kept our composure for that long is because we wanted to keep harmony and unity within our CLF family. Unfortunately the Chan clan has mistaken it as a sign of weakness in our convictions and thought they could manipulate us and maybe even brainwash us if they kept pushing forward their fraudulent claims and convince all Choy Lay Fut followers to rally to their side.


The great majority of CLF practitioners do not wish to get involved in any disputes over the history of CLF 'cos it could land them in very deep waters and unless they are highly knowledgeable and have all the correct facts and information and can answer every valid question they should know when to back off. People like joseph and fu pow obviously think they can get recognition by going on the kung fu forum (kung fu online) and shooting off their big mouths to draw attention to themselves. They think they know all and everything there is to know about the Choy Lay Fut history and in promoting their CLF lineage they wallowed in their own egotistic pride and attacked the Hung Sing CLF history in their quest to discredit Cheung Hung Sing and his mentor, the monk Ching Cho whom they vigorously and deliberately labeled as a "non-existent character" (by fu pow) and a "fictional character" (by the "CLF guru" joseph). When I spoke up in defense of the Hung Sing and Buck Sing branches and our martial arts history it became obvious that I had become a thorn in their butt so they decided to wage a personal vendetta against me by insulting not only me but also my beloved teacher and elders of the Choy Lay Fut Buck Sing branch. Well, you all know how I responded to their arrogance and insolence!


Now the time has come for them to accept responsibility for their insolence and the mannerism in which they chose to conduct their "war of words" against me and my sifu (you accused him of manipulating me which is NOT TRUE!). For that you (joseph, fu pow and those insolent gimps called "maestro" and "serpent") will have to bear responsibility for the burden of embarrassment that is about to befall you. I will not hold back any longer and I am going to "let the cat out of the bag" so everyone can judge for themselves who are the real deceivers and who are the ones using fraudulent evidences to win credibility for the claims they make.

I have no true intention of embarrassing anyone who has not taken part in this slanderous campaign on the net to slur my name, hurl personal insults at me and mock the Choy Lay Fut history and my sifu, elders and brothers of the Buck Sing and Hing Sing schools. I did not give 43 years of my life to Choy Lay Fut to have my name and reputation slurred by these so-called latter day generation of arrogant CLF teachers and students. Since they say it's a free world and that they can say whatever they want without conferring with their sifu or elders, the dishonor they bring to themselves will be a testament of their arrogance and disrespect. Unfortunately, it also becomes an unwarranted humiliation that their sifu and elders will have to shoulder for their students' undisciplined, irrational and arrogant conduct and ignorance of the CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS CODE OF ETHICS.


Let it be known that it is due to the sarcastic remarks and blatant insults upon my character by joseph, fu pow, maestro and serpent that has incited me to finally decide to "let the cat out of the bag". I had warned them to back off OR take full responsibility for their actions. I also made it very clear that any embarrassment that I may cause the Chan clan supporters will be on their heads!


joseph, fu pow, serpent and maestro, prepare yourselves


Question: Why did the portrait of CHAN HEUNG only surface in the early 1970's, 100 years after Chan Heung's death in 1875?

Answer: The answer to that is simple. THERE NEVER WAS ONE. It is believed that it only surfaced sometime in the early 1970's when sifu Li Yiu Ling (then living in Hong Kong) a student of Chan Yiu Chi, suddenly produced a beautiful colored portrait which he claimed was the Chan Family's great ancestor and founder of the Choy Lay Fut martial arts - CHAN HEUNG! Then one must question "why wait some 100 years before showing it?" For some time the Buck Sing and Hung Sing people suspected that the Chan Family used Chan Koon Pak's photo to have an artist paint a portrait of his father and claim it to be an authentic portrait of Chan Heung. By looking closely at Chan Heung's portrait and that of his son Chan Koon Pak, you can see all the features are exactly the same - the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and facial structure and even the eye brows. The only distinguishing difference is the bags under the eyes, lines on the forehead and face and the thick moustache and beard to complete the "aging process". Even on the computer screen one cannot dispute that there is very little doubt at all that the portrait of Chan Heung is a fake.

By placing Chan Koon Pak's picture and Chan Heung's portrait on top of one another and doing the aging process, no one can claim it's a "computer trick" 'cos there's none! The eyes, mouth, nose and ears in the two pictures are exactly the same - nothingıs been altered. So if this is not deception or fraud, what would you call it? Do you think my sifu and elders can be that easily deceived by your people - the ones that have been accusing us of distorting and fabricating our Choy Lay Fut history? If you can prove that the portrait of your great ancestor that you proclaim to be the true originator of Choy Lay Fut is not a fake, then why haven't you explained to us the secrecy and mystery behind the concealment of Chan Heung's portrait when I asked you that one direct question over and over again? If you have nothing to hide, why hasn't anyone come out to explain why the Chan clan waited till the early 1970's before they first showed their great ancestor's portrait? What was the logic or reason for concealing the portrait for 100 years? Is it any wonder why the Chan Family CLF "historians" like joseph, fu pow and Howard Choy etc. couldn't answer my questions and kept quiet all these weeks?

Do you joseph really think that you have a chance to thrash out the CLF history and historical facts with my sifu and me and win!? You're a dreamer joseph and if you or your cronies ever dare (which you don't) to face me and my sifu in a verbal "duel of words" we will chew up your words and spit it back in your face.! We've come across loud mouths like you before that like to roar like a lion but they all end up quiet as a mouse. Could that be the reason why NONE of you had the guts to accept my invitation to sit in council with my sifu and me to argue over the history on Choy Lay Fut 'cos youıre afraid of being humiliated and "losing face"? You won't give me answers to my questions and instead you want to ask me more questions?! You guys are PATHETIC! I can answer them all but I won't - you know why? 'Cos I want us to thrash it out face to face! There is no reason why you (joseph) or anyone else should back away from this request as that is the traditional way in Chinese Martial Arts to resolve conflicts and disputes - NOT ON THE NET!

If you decline this invitation to meet in council to sort out this dispute and continue slandering the Buck Sing and Hung Sing martial arts and its followers, I promise you that I will not stop hounding you "back-stabbers" on my website.





You once told everyone and I quote - "Poor Dave Lacey - he is wearing his heart on his sleeve and got truly manipulated and brainwashed" - unquote. My sifu and I want to know - "Where are you wearing your heart at this moment - in your big mouth?" What do you have to comment on that fraudulent portrait?

I will now leave you farn gwut jais (joseph, fu pow, maestro and serpent) and all you Chan Heung worshippers to idolize the portrait of your great ancestor and proclaimed founder of Choy Lay Fut.

WARNING: Beware of the gullible sifus like joseph (he's afraid to give his real name) who speaks with forked tongue and tries to brainwash you with his fraudulent historical facts. Why is he doing this? I wonder who's pulling his strings and manipulating him - the anti-Hung Sing and Buck Sing revolutionists? Are the Chan clan CLF elders using him as the "Trojan Horse" to slander the Hung Sing martial arts of Cheung Hung Sing and the Buck Sing branch of Tarm Sarm in the hope of rallying more CLF supporters to their side? Do the Chan Heung worshippers like joseph have to resort to conspiracy to deceive us by using fraudulent claims and distorted historical facts (read my "Conflicting Historical Facts Clash" & "Chan Clan's Account of Chan Heung's Legacy") to give credibility to their Chan Family history on CLF? Why is he (joseph) and others so obsessed with trying to discredit and destroy our Buck Sing and Hung Sing CLF history? What prompted them to do this?

Is it because people like joseph is bitter that the Buck Sing and Hung Sing CLF branches in Hong Kong and Singapore are "overpowering" the Chan clan branches 'cos they (the Hung Sing & Buck Sing) have a much larger following who recognize Cheung Hung Sing as the True Originator of Choy Lay Fut (the "Chong Pai Jung Si")? Is it because more and more CLF people are starting to wake up and realize that they have been deceived for too long by the perpetrators of the Chan Heung Legacy? Why is their story on Chan Heung so full of discrepancies (I've already pointed them out) and why are there several different versions with conflicting "historical facts". How many versions are there now joseph? When is the new updated version coming out?


P.S. Again, I would like to express my appreciation to those honorable gentlemen ("Bean Curd", Sifu Je Lei, "Friday" and "Regulator") who have spoken out in defense of me and supported my strong convictions. It is clear that they know who the real perpetrators and "mud-slingers" are in this controversy over the Choy Lay Fut History.