ATTN: fu pow & joseph - the farn gwut jai's of Choy Lay Fut



That dreaded name "Ching Cho" is what triggered you Chan Clan hardliners to wage a war of words on the net in an attempt to debunk the legacy of Cheung Hung Sing and the history of Choy Lay Fut and the Futsan Hung Sing Gwoon. WHO started this "war of words" on the internet - NOT ME! You people say you want to tell your story but when I tell mine, you don't like it? Someone stated I'm doing it to embarrass others (of the Chan Clan I presume) - why? Don't you like me pointing out the discrepancies in the Chan Clan's own history on CLF and asking legitimate questions and wanting answers? Are you telling me that only the Chan Clan has the right to discredit others (not of the Chan Family CLF) and ask pertinent questions?! Who told you that you have a MONOPOLY on Choy Lay Fut!?


I have already answered your questions on the monk Ching Cho (Green Grass Monk) and told you his real name (Cai Dezong), who his teacher was, where he came from, who he is and how he got the name "Ching Cho" (Qingcao in Mandarin). Of course you want his name to disappear and erased from your CLF historical records - that would make Chan Heung the only martial arts teacher of Cheung Yim! With the monk Cai Dezong ("Ching Cho") out of the picture it would be easy to convince everyone that Choy Lay Fut martial arts was the sole work of Chan Heung. You'd love that, wouldn't you! Is the Green Grass Monk really the issue? I think not - YOU ARE! Read carefully again the paragraph titled "THE MONK CHING CHO IS NO MYTH!" and answer the questions I have given you at the end of the paragraph.



1) You (fu pow) are definitely not a Hung Sing CLF disciple as you claim to be. I don't think you even know what CLF lineage you belong to! You're one of the many confused, naive and conceited latter generation of CLF followers who think you know more about the history on CLF and it's ancestors than the CLF elders themselves! Afterall, you did say and I quote - "We no longer have to rely on our elders as the only source of information about our style. We can compare information and come to our own conclusions. It's very cool when you think about it!"- unquote. WOW! What you're telling us is that old timers like Kong Hing, Lun Chee, Chan Yong Fa, Doc Fei Wong, Chia Yan Soon, Poon Sing, Chui Kwong Yuen, Lai Hung, T'sung Chiu Yu, and myself can step down and let people of your generation take over the teaching of CLF and it's history so you all can make a mockery of it! Martial artists like you belong in the zoo! You have no respect for your own sifu, your sigung and elders!

2) How can it be that the "Chan Heung Memorial Association" in Hong Kong be dominated by the Buck Sing elders?! You mean that the Chan Clan elders are not capable of heading their own association -why? Are you saying that there's not enough authoritative Chan Clan elders to hold all the senior positions of the CHAN HEUNG ASSOCIATION in Hong Kong? I do not believe that and I think it's a personal insult to the Chan Family CLF by you saying that the Buck Sing elders are pulling all the strings! Don't you think that's a ridiculous statement? The Buck Sing elders in Hong Kong have their own association "The Choy Lay Fut Buck Sing Association Ltd." (haven't you read Chapter 1's"Hong Kong Choy Lay Fut Associations"?). If you are implying that the elders of the Hung Sing and Buck Sing branches are the Chiefs of ALL the CLF associations in Hong Kong, then you're not giving much credit to the Chan Clan schools in Hong Kong! Since you know so much, can you tell us who is President of the "Chan Heung Memorial Association" in Hong Kong? If he is not a Chan Clan elder, then WHY? Surely you're not going to tell us that it's because the "hatchetmen" of the Buck Sing triad are controlling all the CLF associations in Hong Kong! I suppose you're going to tell us that in the CLFKFIU Ltd. ALL the senior positions are held by the Hung Sing and Buck Sing elders. If that is true - how did that come about? Did I ever say that the Buck Sing branch in Hong Kong gained control of the Chan Heung Memorial Association or the CLFKFIU Ltd. - I didn't! I merely stated that because of it's pugilistic reputation (in the martial arts conflicts between kung fu schools of different styles) the Buck Sing branch gained enormous fame because they engaged in rival martial arts challenge matches to defend the honor of CLF martial arts. This is why the Buck Sing schools became the most respected and influential of Hong Kong's CLF branches in the 1950's - 1970's. Why didn't people of your branch go out and take on these challengers in defense of Choy Lay Fut's honor?! The Buck Sing pugilists had to do the dirty work for you and all you people can do is to stab us in the back!

3) Your statement -"If the Buksing people would simply concede to the fact that Chan Heung is the founder of CLF and Cheung Yim simply a student then we could all just relax." - unquote. Well, that would certainly solve the dispute and rid you of your splitting headache, wouldn't it now? By the way, what is wrong with changing that statement you made (which I just quoted) to - "If the Chan Clan people would simply concede to the fact that Cheung Hung Sing is the founder of CLF and that Chan Heung was simply one of his teachers then we could all just relax"? Now, don't you agree that sounds a lot better!? You a Hung Sing CLF student?! People like you make me sick! You claim to be a Hung Sing CLF student (of mixed lineage) but you denounce Chueng Hung Sing as the "Chong Pai Jung Si" (Originator of the Style) and the existence of Ching Cho (Cheung's teacher). This clearly shows you don't even know the history of your own CLF lineage! You know what you really are? You're a "farn gwat jai" and an ignorant one at that!


Since you have clearly shown your own stupid ignorance of the Hung Sing CLF martial arts history without even realizing you have disrespected your true lineage (WHICH YOU STATED IS HUNG SING and NOT of the CHAN FAMILY branch) it's obvious you don't know what you're talking about when you say you are not of the Chan Clan branch and at the same time you're denouncing Cheung Hung Sing's legacy. How did you get so screwed up in the head?! You really should see a shrink!

Now that your buddy "Yutyeesam" has revealed who your sigung is, I can help sort out your lineage for you. Your sigung is Master Lee Koon Hung, right? Do you know who is his sifu? Koon Hung's sifu is Poon Sing and he also learnt from Poon Sing's father Poon Dik. I know Poon Sing very well and have met him on many occasions (including at his home) in Hong Kong and Singapore. In Hong Kong everyone knows that Poon Sing is of the Hung Sing (Cheung Hung Sing) branch but of course you wouldn't know. Poon Sing is a very close CLF comrade of my sifu Kong Hing and he has been present at every Buck Sing CLF and Tarm Sarm Memorial celebration held in Hong Kong as well as those organized by the Singapore Hong Sheng Koon. If Poon Dik and Poon Sing are not Lee Koon Hung's first original CKF teachers then tell me who is? I've known Lee Koon Hung very well for many years. In fact he told me he was even there at my dueling match with a Wing Chun master in Hong Kong in 1961.

I totally agree with "bean curd" 100% about what he said to you and I quote - "fu pow, if ever there was a fan guak chai - you are it!" No truer words have ever been spoken! You know why? Because you are a traitor to your own true martial arts heritage - the Hung Sing CLF martial arts of Cheung Hung Sing! You not only do not know your own martial arts (Hung Sing CLF?) history, you don't even know what you're implying when you speak you dumb jackass!

What's this crap about - "He who knows does not speak; he who speaks does not know". What are you trying to tell us? That YOU fu pow have spoken but YOU don't know SHIT! You didn't have to tell us that - we already know you're dumb!


Oh - about this prophesy of yours concerning the "outlook of the Chan Heung Memorial Association MAY change quickly" -unquote. When is that going to happen? I can't wait to celebrate! I hope sifu Chan Yong Fa will get elected as the Association's new President. At least he's a talented and intelligent man and he is the keeper of the Chan Family CLF. Oh no! Don't tell me the Chan Clan is going to elect YOU president - God forbid! Hey, wait a minute - didn't you tell us you're a Hung Sing student!?? Just what are you?! Then why are you so excited about the Chan Heung Memorial Association?! You claim not to be of the Chan Family branch and you have also denounced Ching Cho and the Hung Sing martial arts of Cheung Hung Sing, yet at the same time you're telling us Chan Heung's 3rd and last teacher was "CHING CHO".  It's obvious you're being hypocritical 'cos you're always contradicting yourself!

Poor fu pow - he doesn't know who he is or where he belongs! You've already been told by "bean curd" and myself who you are - you're a lowdown slimy "farn gwat jai"! As to where you belong - you belong in the asylum with your cellmate joseph! You two deserve each other! Be careful in there - I hear some of the orderlies, psychiatrists and doctors are hatchetmen of the 14K! I guess your mate joseph had already warned you about that! By the way, some staff members at the loony bin in Canada belong to the 14K triad but in the US, the asylums are all run by the Buck Sing triads. You're gonna love the electric shock treatment they give you - it guarantees to soothe your tormented minds!

By the way, do you and joseph know the history on the Triads - when and how they originated? Did you know that the monks gave these rebels sanctuary at the Shaolin Temple and that the monks were sympathizers of the Triads? Do you want me to give you the whole history on that?


You people started this anti-Hung Sing and Ching Cho campaign months ago and when I responded to defend Cheung Hung Sing's legacy in March, you didn't like what I revealed so you started your bitching all over again and thought you could trap me with your questions about Ching Cho. When I responded again and answered your questions with logic and truth you didn't like that either! You still haven't answered all my questions relating to the Chan Heung legacy and the Chan Family historical records - WHY? Because you can't find any logical answers! You know you've been trapped and outwitted but you're too proud to admit it. Well, when are you going to give me the answers to ALL my questions? Are you going to keep quiet and think it'll just all go away like a bad nightmare - NO CHANCE!

How come all of a sudden you're not questioning ABOUT Qingcao (Ching Cho) or Buck Pai mountain anymore? All you want is for Ching Cho to disappear from CLF's history so you can relax and give yourself a big sigh of relief. Well, that's not going to happen 'cos the monk Ching Cho is going to haunt people like you for the rest of your lives and you're never ever gonna find peace of mind!

You don't like all the things I have revealed so all you imbeciles can say is that the Buck Sing branch is pulling all the strings! Well, what you're really implying is that the Chan Clan in Hong Kong is weak, isn't that right? Don't you guys realize you are going above your elders heads when you attack me and that you are doing it "at the expense of others" especially master Chan Yong Fa - the keeper of the Chan Family of CLF?! Who made you the authoritative spokesman for the Chan Clan? Did you check with sifu Chan Yong Fa first before you opened your big mouths? Remember what I cautioned you in my "CLOSING REMARKS"? I'll refresh you - "Make sure you are willing to take full responsibility for your actions (war of words) and KNOW that your sifu and elders will also be held responsible for any mess you get yourselves or them into." You know my name, what I look like and who my sifu is. Now how about you gutless people put your real names and photo of yourself on the website. ALSO let us know who (the full name) is your sifu and what generation CLF you belong to.! Hurry now, don't keep us waiting! Also my sifu, elders and myself are waiting for your reply as to when you big mouths are going to set up a date to meet with us in Hong Kong so you can ridicule us! Of course we'll have the reporters (maybe you can have someone from Inside Kung Fu magazine) there and we'll have the whole event audio and video taped so you could bring it home to show everyone - wouldn't that be great!? No more questions on your childish e-mails - let's sort this dispute right now - you, your sifu and elders meet me, my sifu and a couple others face to face. Don't forget to bring your Chinese newspaper clippings joseph! Just set the DATE and I'll be there to meet you gutless loud mouths in Hong Kong and if none of you morons can speak fluent Cantonese, don't worry - I can translate for you! Can I hold a conversation in Cantonese?! I know countless of people that can answer that for you! Why don't you ask Chan Yong Fa, Tat Mau Wong, Lee Siu Hung, Poon Sing, Mak Hin Fei and a whole lot of other Chinese masters in CLF! You better think about "saving your OWN skin " first you farn gwat jai! If you have nothing to worry about then gather your clan and meet my sifu and myself man to man! Don't worry, we'll keep the TONG's hatchetmen away from you and maybe we'll even provide police protection for you if you want! Since you're so damn sure of yourself and all your facts why don't you agree to this!! If your elders and you agree to go to Hong Kong (no reason why you should decline since you have all the proof and evidences) the losers in this Final Dispute (once and for all) will have to humbly go on their knees and "kow tow" and admit they were wrong. You better give us your answer right now because a lot of people are waiting to see if you are as tough as your big mouth!

Why is some senile idiot who calls himself "extrajoseph" think that some Buck Sing elders are manipulating me just because I have chosen to speak on certain issues surrounding the CLF history controversy that some of you have been arguing about for months. Don't you know that the Buck Sing and Hung Sing (yes Cheung Hung Sing) are of the SAME LINEAGE!? Didn't I make it clear that Tarn Sarm was a true-blooded Hung Sing disciple, for his teacher Lui Charn was one of Cheung Hung Sing's top disciples! Can't you read?! Don't you imbeciles know that the Hung Sing and Buck Sing people of Hong Kong, Singapore and Futsan are true blood brothers and they are bonded by the same martial arts heritage - pertaining to the legacy of Cheung Hung Sing. You like making up your own dates and misquoting me. Did I ever "warn people about asking too many questions about forms and that if we don't we better watch out"? (Unquote). Quote me where I said that you blind bat! Who's tugging at your short and curlies (or pulling your strings) and manipulating you!!?

If you took the time to go over everything I said on my website regarding "the CLF controversy" you would have found all the answers there in the information I have given! Instead of giving me answers to my questions you're evading them by asking more silly questions instead of addressing the important issues on Chan Heung's legacy, Choy Fook, Ching Cho and Cheung Yim etc. Who told you in your dreams that Cheung Yim was born in 1824! He was born in 1814 and left King Mui village in 1931 when he was 17 to seek out the monk Ching Cho at Buck Pai mountain. If you want to know what happened 30 years ago in Hong Kong about the Chan Heung Memorial Association or you're curious about any other events then go to the source that can give you all the information and answers you want - go to Hong Kong and speak with the elders. Why should I answer ALL your questions for you? Do the research yourself - I have done mine! If you think you can make me look like a fool why don't you, your sifu and your elders try doing it in person, face to face in front of my sifu and the Buck Sing and Hung Sing elders in Hong Kong?! Why should I even waste my time on you on my website (I don't send e-mails - I'll let the others do that and I'm sure you'll be getting more e-mails from the anti-joseph and fu pow people!). Who the hell are you that I should answer your every question on the internet! You want me to specifically address what happened 30 years ago in the Chan Heung Memorial Association in Hong Kong. I thought you already knew the answer! Didn't your informant tell you that the Tong hatchetmen of the Buck Sing branch terrorized everyone in the Chan Heung Memorial Association?! He must be getting classified information sneaked out of Hong Kong - from who? His associates from the Chan Clan triad society!?

You have rubbished and criticized the Buck Sing and Hung Sing CLF people all because you are so upset and mentally disturbed that they give homage to Cheung Hung Sing as the Chong Pai Jung Si (Originator of the Style) of Choy Lay Fut and this is eating you up so much that you have to keep running us down. So far you have not given me the ANSWERS to the questions I've asked you people. Come on, answer EACH and EVERY question I've asked but -


1) Why is there a difference of 25 years in the two versions of the story on Chan Heung's American odyssey?

2) Who ran the King Mui school when Chan Heung was away overseas for 10 years (1839-1849 - according to Chan Yong Fa's version). What were their names? Tell us!!

3) Of all the names, how come Chan Heung and Chan Koon Pak chose "HUNG SING" for the King Mui school - what was the reason? Read again the paragraph titled, "Why was the Hung Sing name used?" Why use a name that sounds the same as Cheung Hung Sing's name? WHY? You mean to tell us and expect us to believe that Chan Heung picked that particular name (Hung Sing) from a barrell and chose to use that name for his school?

4) Where is the proof and evidence to prove that the story on the "Chan Heung tiger-killing saga" is not fabricated or pure fiction? We want to see the newspaper story of this incredible feat and also we want to see that tiger skin! Tell us, where was that tiger killed - San Francisco, King Mui or India? Now you're trying to tell us that the tiger skin that Chan Heung presented to the SF Chan association has been spotted in King Mui. Why dont you produce it so we can conduct a DNA test on the skin to find out how old it really is!!

5) Can you give us proof that the portrait of Chan Heung is not a fake? Well? What's your answer? We're still waiting for you Chan CLF people to explain why your great ancestor's portrait was not shown till 100 years after Chan Heung's death! What was the purpose of hiding Chan Heung's portrait from the Choy Lay Fut people? Why was it first shown in the early 1970's and not decades before - Why? We want your answer!!

6) Besides "hearsay", what proof have you got that 96 year old Choy Fook was capable of teaching martial arts to Chan Heung for 10-12 years and that the monk died at the age of 112? Come on, convince us! We want the ANSWERS NOW!

By the way, WHO is the head of all the Chan Clan schools, Chan Yong Fa, Doc Fai Wong or YOU?  Joseph?!?



Mr. "Bean Curd" sounds like an intelligent man and itıs obvious he thinks with a clear head and an open mind and that's why he said to joseph - "what you do here is nothing but to cover up what is now coming out - if good, yes; if not, no. What you have written in reply to a proper question is so out of context it shows your insecurity. You always talk about keep it to the subject, yet EVERYTIME it is YOU who go personal. All the points you pick out has nothing to do with the ISSUE, which you always say is the point of discussion. Everytime you're asked to show errors, you always avoid and bring in issues not warranted. You like to make implications which aren't there - seems to be a thing of yours. I am interested in knowing what is the truth. You once said on previous post - "long time ago people believed the world was flat. Hhmm, long time ago people believed Chan history! So I ask again, what is right and what is wrong and how is it proven." - unquote.

I thank you bean curd for speaking your mind and for your wise perception on a person's character. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to throw pearls to pigs. The simple-minded and those who had been brainwashed (like fu pow and joseph) do not appreciate you trying to correct them. Poor senile joseph, he not only can't speak Cantonese but he also can't read English otherwise he'd know I was born and brought up in Hong Kong. My relatives on my mother's side (7 brothers) lived in Hong Kong and they were Chinese and I learnt to speak fluent Cantonese at a very young age. Are you really so dumb as to think I speak English to my two sifus, elders and all the other Chinese in the Hong Kong and South East Asian regions?! Again I ask fu pow and joseph - why aren't you answering my logical questions pertaining to the Chan Heung legacy, historical facts and also whether you and any of the Chan Clan elders are going to take up the challenge and meet me, my sifu and others of the Hong Kong CLF fraternity. What are you scared of you gutless loud mouths - the Triads!? Why hasn't Chan Yong Fa's school in Sydney answered my questions or prove the discrepancies I spoke of in the Chan Clan's CLF history are incorrect? Why does the keeper of the Chan Family CLF historical records and the Chan Heung legacy allow you idiots to speak on behalf of the Chan Clan? You (fu pow and joseph) talk big but you can't (or are you afraid to?) answer the questions I've thrown at you 'cos you know I'll tear your bullshit answers to pieces. You make me look like a fool? Anyone with common sense can tell who is the real fool - it's YOU!



That senile senior member joseph has told you all that an "informant" has told him that my sifu Kong Hing is a 14K triad boss and warned him (joseph) to keep his identity a secret in case of reprisals! I suppose the poor idiot is so concerned about his safety that he's "not taking any chances" (as he put it) and is pacing up and down his home with a loaded shotgun (he even takes it into the shower with him!). He is so frightened that he sleeps under his bed (with the loaded shotgun of course), has installed the most hi-tech alarm system, booby-traps and security cameras (yes, there's even one in his toilet!) all around his home! As if that's not enough, he even has a bear trap in his chimney and pitbulls as security guards! WOW! Wouldn't that make a great scenario for the next "Die-Hard" movie?! Problem is, I don't think Bruce Willis will want to play the comic role of joseph! Tough guy Bruce would rather play the role of a vicious Tong (Triad) hatchetman sporting a long black braided pigtail and wearing a black satin Chinese cap, satin pants and vest with a shinny steel "Tong" hatchet tucked in his red satin sash!


You want to talk nonsense, play silly mind games and GET "PERSONAL" - go ahead joseph, make my day! But first answer ALL those questions that I've put to you Chan Clan members and try to disclaim all the discrepancies I have pointed out in the Chan historical records! Well, what's the hold-up? I'm waiting for your answers or don't you have them?


The TORMENTED SPIRIT of fu pow and joseph







Poor joseph, he's all choked up 'cos he has his "chun doy" in his mouth and his heart between his legs and all because he's so frustrated that he can't converse in Cantonese! Or is it because he can't answer my logical questions? WHY? OR is it because he is so pissed off 'cos some people are paying Master Chan Yong Fa $100 a day for tuition and he (joseph) only gets $5 a lesson from his students! Well joseph, don't you know that there's a BIG difference between your martial arts talents and capabilities and that of Chan Yong Fa?! Don't be so jealous - $100 a day is dirt cheap for receiving tuition from a reputable kung fu master like Yong Fa. How much do you think attorneys charge for one short consultation - $5!? Do you want to know how much I charge for a 2 hour private lesson? It'll make Yong Fa's ($100 a day) tuition fee look like pocket change! How much is your name and reputation worth? Students of joseph BEWARE: your sifu has threatened to "kick your ass" if he finds out that any of you have sneaked off to the CLF training camps of master Chan Yong Fa and pay him $100 a day for tuition and yet you only pay him $5 a lesson - what an insult! Please assure your sifu that you won't betray him. I suspect that He may have a weak heart so PLEASE don't hurt his feelings!


You brought up the name of my former student Franco of Perth, W. Australia and made out I was all "cut up" 'cos he traveled to Sydney around 1991 to learn some forms from sifu Chan Yong Fa. Chan Yong Fa didn't mind and he personally told me about it and I had no qualms about that especially when I told Franco I had no objection to him seeking to learn some of the Chan Family CLF forms. Yong Fa even expressed to me personally of his concern about Franco's protocol when he addressed Yong Fa as "sifu" which he (Yong Fa) said was improper. Yong Fa clearly told Franco that he was not "HIS sifu" and that his REAL sifu was Lay Dai Wai (my Chinese name)! Sifu Yong Fa was quite firm when he told me of that statement he made to correct Franco, for he knew Franco was not aware that he was unintentionally showing disrespect to his original and recognized sifu. Everyone in CLF who has the proper martial arts upbringing knows and perceives that what Franco was hoping to do by addressing sifu Chan Yong Fa as "sifu" was merely a sneaky way of "Jumping Rank" - and that by being a student of Yong Fa (a 5th generation CLF) he would "automatically" be classified a 6th generation CLF disciple - the same generation as his Original sifu! Franco cannot hide the fact that in Austrailia, Hong Kong and Singapore people in the martial arts circles knows that he is a student of master Dave Lacey of the Buck Sing Gwoon and in the Choy Lay Fut fraternity they know which generation he belongs to - the generation after that of his first and original sifu. If I was to also to study CLF from fourth generation Grand master Lun Chee, does that automatically make me a fifth generation CLF disciple? I would never think of betraying or "doing a dirty" on my sifu by "Jumping Rank". It would be viewed as a dishonest, disgraceful and disrespectful act if I did that and I would be called a "farn gwut jai" (which literally means "traitor"). By doing such an dishonorable thing (jumping rank) a student would have clearly shown that he had brought dishonor upon himself, his sifu and the CLF martial arts by breaking a traditional protocol of the Chinese martial arts. IT'S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Between 1985 - 1991 Franco (of the Buck Sing Gwoon) fought and won every full contact kung fu and kickboxing tournament in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney he entered in. He won the National Australian Kung Fu C'ship title of his weight division (after winning all his elimination bouts) three times as well as the kick-boxing C'ship title in Sydney in 1990 or 1991. Chan Yong Fa and his students were there at the tournament and they all knew Franco was from the Buck Sing Gwoon. WHO do you think helped mould Franco into a champion fighter? Who do you think gets the credit for Franco's martial arts success and his career as a CLF teacher?!

After I had moved from Perth to Melbourne in 1989, I left Franco in charge of running the Buck Sing Gwoon school. Later when he began to change the school's training curriculum to follow that of the Sydney CLF school, ALL MY SENIOR STUDENTS (some who were Franco's Si-Hings) LEFT HIS SCHOOL 'cos they were unhappy with the martial arts training and the new changes that Franco forced upon them for they much preferred the original BUCK SING martial arts training under their sifu Dave Lacey. Also, they felt betrayed when Franco affiliated his school with the Sydney CLF school - so whose fault is it that Franco lost the support of my other senior students? How many students has Franco got now at his Perth school? I hear that two of my former Perth students who are running two large schools in Perth have a total of some 600 students. (I DO NOT get any money from them - as some people think!). Do you think they are teaching the Chan Family CLF or CLF of the BUCK SING branch?! Three of Chan Yong Fa's students had come to Melbourne in the early 1990's to train at my school, the Buck Sing Gwoon. Did I tell them to denounce the Chan Family CLF and to pay allegiance to the CLF Buck Sing martial arts?! NO! Did I preach the Hung Sing CLF of Cheung Hung Sing to them? NO!

In the late 1990's Franco visited the Singapore Hung Sing Gwoon and they welcomed him wholeheartedly - WHY? It's because he told them that he was a student of mine! Now, how come he didn't tell the Hung Sing Gwoon that his sifu was Chan Yong Fa!? So isn't Franco a seventh generation disciple or is he suddenly now the same generation as me?!

Franco knows what he did and it is HE who has to live with his own conscience. Franco did not "insult me" by switching camps. Others would say he had disgraced himself and betrayed his original CLF teacher who trusted him. If you want to call anyone a "farn gwat jai", how come youıre not calling Franco that?! Is it because he is now an official member of the Chan Family CLF Association? Franco knows what he has done and my conscience is clear. Tell me WHO is the culprit in this chapter? Who is the one that is all "cut up"? I ASSURE YOU IT'S NOT ME! Can't you dumbwits figure out who is the real "farn gwut jai"?

I have NEVER accused Chan Yong Fa of "pinching" my student. It's only YOU (joseph) that is implying that! I do not hate Chan Yong Fa (as you scumbags would like others to believe) or his students. I have always regarded Yong Fa as a CLF brother despite our differences in our CLF martial arts heritage. However, he and others have told and propagated their story on CLF pertaining to the Chan Heung legacy and have accused the Hung Sing and Buck Sing followers of distorting the history on CLF. For that reason AND ONLY THAT REASON, I have spoken out in defense of the Hung Sing CLF martial arts, Cheung Hung Sing and of course that "mystical"(?) Shaolin monk by the name of Ching Cho. I HAVE NOTHING "PERSONAL" AGAINST CHAN YONG FA HIMSELF (but I think you have joseph!). BUT, I WILL SPEAK OUT AGAINST THOSE WHO SEEK TO DISRESPECT THE HISTORY OF THE HUNG SING CLF AND THE LEGACY OF CHEUNG HUNG SING! FOR DOING THAT, YOU MORONS DARE TO CALL ME A TRAITOR - " FARN GWUT JAI " ?! A traitor to who - Chan Heung? Who brain-washed you to belive that Chan Heung was the true founder of CLF? Who has been manipulating you and filling your brain with anti-Cheung Hung Sing sentiments?

joseph and fu pow VS. THE CHOY LAY FUT ELDERS

If Chan Yong Fa and Doc Fai Wong would agree to sit down and talk face to face with my sifu Kong Hing and myself, we could have a serious and intelligent discussion on the dispute over CLF's history but YOU (joseph and fu pow) of course, think you're more qualified and capable to argue about the history of CLF than these two notable CLF masters! Didn't you (fu pow) say you DON'T NEED THE ELDERS 'cos you can easily figure out the whole CLF history yourself by exchanging information (THE MISGUIDED AND DISTORTED ONES!) with fellow "intellectuals" of YOUR GENERATION? Ah yes, you're wondering how come the brothers Dave and Vince don't have the same direct lineage to their CLF heritage. WELL, MASTER KONG HING CAN ANSWER THAT.

Wonder what Chan Yong Fa and Doc Fai Wong will think of you troublemakers after I have "let the cat out of the bag" and prove that you people are nothing but cunning DECEIVERS! I will give you the "surprise" VERY SOON! By the way joseph, are you of the Chan Clan? If you are, then any embarrassment that I may cause the Chan Clan supporters will be on the heads of you rebel instigators of the "anti-Cheung Hung Sing and Ching Cho" group who show no respect not only for the Hung Sing CLF martial arts but also very little respect for sifu Chan Yong Fa (for as you put it - he "pinches" other teachers' students and he dare to charge $100 a day for tuition!), the rightful heir to the Chan Heung Family records on CLF. If he is not the RIGHTFUL "Keeper of the Chan Family CLF" - WHO IS? Maybe it's you joseph - "MR. KNOW IT ALL"!

Watch out, I see Ching Cho creeping through your bedroom window! He's holding a Tong sacrificial hatchet! Oh-Oh, I've just been told by my informant that Ching Cho is the BIG BOSS of the 14K TRIAD!! Poor joseph and fu-pow, they are having another one of their horrible nightmares!!

Pleasant nightmares to you two farn gwat jais!

PS: fu pow & joseph, please let me know what the visiting hours are at the asylum you guys are staying. I would love to visit you two IMBECILES. I hope by then your heads are cleared and that your brains are functioning better after receiving your "electric shock" treatment. If not, you leave the "hatchetman at the nut - house" no other alternative but to operate on your brain. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll do a good job on your worthless brain!

By the way, don't you guys feel proud now that I have personally addressed you on my website?

Ain't you morons going to thank me?

(YES, YOU fu pow & joseph) INFAMOUS!!