Comments made in a private letter to Master Dave Lacey about those e-mail correspondents who started waging a
"War of Words"
over the Net

"I am saddened to hear of the war of words on Choy Lay Fut over the Net. It just shows you how ill disciplined a generation of martial arts practitioners we have bred. To add salt to injury, these are supposedly our very own Choy Lay Fut family members. It's a shame I do not access the computer but even if I do, I won't waste my time engaging them over the Net in such verbal diatribe. The so-called sifus ought to exercise some control over those brood of people and caution them not to bring dishonor to their own school. They should desist from such public slugging. I know you are caught in a dilemma. Not to engage them and allow the distorted views be perpetrated? It is good to set up a strong and straight statement in your website and allow others to come to their own sense or conclusion.

It is best to reserve comments after making your stand and spend more of your energy and time in training students of character and substance than have all these rhetoric on the Net. I can only wish that the self-appointed teachers can be more responsible and honest, and the students, in pursuing Choy Lay Fut knowledge would not kiss their brain goodbye. You are a good example of a responsible teacher. You did not seek to deceive yourself or others. You care to ask when in doubt and not pretend to know. The eminent student of Confucius, Mencius said, ' The woes of man begin when they have the insatiable urge to be a teacher to others. ' There is nothing wrong in being someone else's teacher but the woes begin when they try to teach too much with too little knowledge ."