A Happy Reunion For Master Lacey &
The Melbourne BSG

Master Lacey's devoted disciples pledge their loyalty to preserve the Buck Sing fighting arts.

Four students of the Melbourne BSG take the "BiSi" discipleship oath on May 10th, 2009.

Master Dave Lacey with his Buck Sing family in Melbourne, Australia.
Master Lacey and the Buck Sing Gwoon welcome Sifu Ray Chan to Melbourne.
20 year Buck Sing disciple Nick Lizos with his mentor and Si-Sook Ray Chan.
At the tram stop in downtown Melbourne.
The Melbourne Buck Sing Gwoon celebrates Sifu Ray Chan's birthday.
Giving a speech at his birthday dinner.
Tiramisu cake from the Buck Sing Gwoon for the "General's" birthday.
Master Lacey and his loyal disciple of 20 years.
Master Lacey and his wife, happy to be back home in Melbourne.

September 2010

Sifu Ray Chan and Master Dave Lacey at the Steveston Marina, Richmond.

Totem Poles at Stanley Park.

Empress Hotel in Victoria (background) was opened in 1908.
Parliament Building in Victoria on Vancouver Island was completed in 1898.
With Sifu Ray Chan and Master Lacey from L-R - Philip, Mike, David, Alex and Robert.
Sifu Chan and Master Lacey with fellow Buck Sing enthusiasts, Vancouver.
Master Lacey and Sifu Ray Chan with a close friend.
Master Lacey by the Steam Clock in Gastown, Vancouver.

Christmas 2010
at Master Lacey's Home


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