Dave Lacey and Son drill a technique

The Buck Sing Clubhouse

Buck Sing Clubhouse - Side View

Chan Sing Oil Painting

Buck Sing Clubhouse - General's Altar

Buck Sing Clubhouse - New Angle

Buck Sing Clubhouse- Entrance View

Melbourne 2004

St. Kilda, Melbourne - 2004

Banff Springs 1

Banff Springs 2

Lake Louise 1

LakeLouise 2

Lake Moraine

Statue of Will Van Horne

CLF Patriots 2004

Sifu and Simo

Bobcat and Panther

Buck Sing Gwoon NY

NY Central Park

Central Park 2


Statue of King Jagiello

Statue of Liberty

Group photo with elder Lun Chee

Master Lacey presenting a painting

Master Lacey presented with a pennant

Paying tribute to the portrait of great grandmaster Tarm Sarm

Honoring great grandmaster Tarm Sarm

Master Lacey and his sifu Lai Hung giving a toast to miss Lee Yuk Fong

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