Master Dave Lacey and New York's Buck Sing Gwoon March 2005

Hung Mun presents framed calligraphy to NY BSG

At a martial arts store in Manhattan

Banquet dinner in honor of Sifu Lacey

Reunion in Chinatown NYC
Gathering at the NY BSG

Master Dave Lacey's annual pilgrimage to Calgary July 2005

Visiting revered Lun Chee in Calgary

After breakfast in Chinatown Calgary

Outside the home of Elder Lun Chee

Banff Botanical Gardens

Banff Springs Hotel

Moraine Lake Lodge 1

Lake Louise

At Moraine Lake, Alberta

Moraine Lake Lodge 2

Attack and counter

Sifu Lacey demonstrating an elbow

Snake Technique

Master Dave Lacey and New York's Buck Sing Gwoon September 2005

Kneeling Pantherfist to groin

High and low block/punch drill

At the Silver Pond Seafood restaurant

Shopping in Manhattan's Chinatown

Touring the Intrepid

On deck of the Intrepid

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