Master Dave Lacey and Christmas Greetings December 2006

Christmas Greetings from the General

Dave with his sifu at the Kong On memorial banquet

With devoted disciple & chief instructor of the Buck Sing Gwoon Melboume Australia 2006

On stage at the 4th Anniversary of the Guangzhou Buck Sing Gwoon 2006

At the guangzhou Buck Sing Gwoon in Siu Buck 2006

Presentation by Master Lacey to the Buck Sing Gwoon. On 2nd left is Wong Tse Yu, president of the Chan Heung Assoc. Next to Dave is his sifu's yonger brother Kong Ling
Presentation to the Guangzhou Buck Sing Gwoon on its 4th Anniversary 2006
With sifu Wong Tse Yu, president of the Chan Heung memorial Assoc. HK 2006
Sifu Chan Yong Fa (great, great grandson of Chan Heung) admiring the painting of Choy Lay Fut Buck Sing's legendary fighter Tarm Sarm - Siu Buck, Guangzhou 2006
Sifu Chan Yong Fa helps master Lacey hold up the painting of great grandmaster Tarm Sarm - Guangzhou 2006
Sifu Chan Yong Fa and Dave on stage for the toasting ceremory - 2006

Master Dave Lacey
May 2007

Countering low punch with cum sau gwa chui
Master Dave Lacey and loyal student of 18 years
Master and disciple doing the "Charp Chui Jong" drill
The Ping Charp - great grandmaster Tarm Sarm and master Lacey's favorite charp chui (pantherfist) punch
Master Lacey executing a sow chui (swinging) punch
Devoted students of the Buck Sing fighting arts of the legendary Tarm Sarm
Master Dave Lacey at the Melbourne Buck Sing Gwoon 2007
Master Lacey with senior student (18 years) Gary Mallia and students
With his three senior students at the Buck Sing Gwoon, Melbourne
Celebrating Master Lacey's b'day in Melbourne Aust 2007
The general cutting his Birthday cake
Last hours with the general before his departure back to the US

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