Master Dave Lacey's Final Farewell to Buck Sing Elder Lun Chee January 2008

With student of the late grandmaster Lun Chee at the memorial service Calgary 5th Jan 2008

With grandmaster Lun Chee's son at the Kananaskis ski resort, Calgary 2008

Buck Sing disciples L-R Leung Lap Yau (student of Tarm Fei Pang), Dave Lacey (student of Kong Hing) and Raymond Chan (student of Tarm Sing) 5th Jan 2008

Discipleship Ritual (Bi-Si) of 5th Generation Buck Sing Disciples of Raymond Chan - 3/31/08

Luncheon after the official "discipleship (Bi-Si) ritual of sifu Ray Chan's pledged disciples."
5th generation Buck Sing disciples listening to their si bark (martial arts uncle) as he talks about spiritual and mental strength benefits gained from dedication to kung fu training.
5th generation Buck Sing students being officially accepted as full pledged disciples of their sifu Chan She Wah.
3rd generation Buck Sing disciple of Tarm Fei Pang flanked by Buck Sing 4th generation disciples.
Charp chui punching drill on beanbag
Master D. Lacey, families and friends at sifu Ray Chan's private "Bi-Si" ritual.
Buck Sing brothers bonded by their love and loyalty to the teachings and philosophies of great grandmaster Tarm Sarm and the Buck Sing CLF fighting arts.

Choy Lay Fut Buck Sing Delegation From HK/China Makes Pilgramage to San Francisco during Beijing Olympic Torch Celebration

Presentation to master Lay Dai Wai (Dave Lacey) from Hong Kong/China led Choy Lay Fut Buck Sing delegation

Master Dave Lacey with CLF masters Edmond Ng (England) & Tat Mau Wong (San Francisco)
Buck Sing's legendary master fighter and patriot is honored at a private luncheon in San Francisco April 6th 2008
Master Dave Lacey and the HK/China delegates at the New Asia restaurant in SF Chinatown
4th generation Choy Lay Fut elder Poon Sing with Buck Sing Fraternity brothers.
Masters Wong Kwai Chuen, Lay Dai Wai and Fu Gok Gong of the Choy Lay Fut Buck Sing Fraternity
Master Dave Lacey with visiting Choy Lay Fut delegates from Hong Kong.
Buck Sing brothers Wong Kwai Chuen and Lay Dai Wai, disciples of Master Kong Hing

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